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Benefits for Developers

  • Dramatically accelerates builds and tests to deliver viable release candidates more quickly.

  • Integrates with all your existing tools and requires no change to your current workflow.

  • Provides rich feedback to help you find and fix errors faster.


Benefits for Operations

  • Model-driven deployment of Apps and Environments promotes consistency and allows reuse.

  • Predictable application release processes eliminate errors and allow fail-safe rollbacks.

  • Self-service access to pools of resources makes fast, efficient use of infrastructure for test, staging and production deployments.


Benefits for Executives:

  • Acceleration supercharges cycle times and keeps developers happy.

  • Bullet-proof automation at scale allows predictable delivery of high-quality software.

  • Security and end-to-end visibility provides traceability and compliance.

  • Improve OPEX and CAPEX with pools of shared resources

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High Availability Continuous Delivery

ElectricFlow provides high-availability for jobs and workflows, ensuring that once a critical process has been started, it will be completed. Sasamka Mone, Software Engineer - Broadcom Corporation

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10X faster software development

Our overall software development process is greater than 10X faster with ElectricFlow. Vinny Murphy, Build Tools Engineer

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“Nothing else like it.”

There is really nothing else out there that I am aware of that will allow us to accelerate our builds in the close to seamless way that ElectricAccelerator does. Mark Fleisher, Build Tools Engineer

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“From three months to ten minutes.”

In the past we released products in one to three months; now we can go from commit to production every 10 minutes. Automation is a key part of making that happen. Bob Hartley, Development Manager

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“75% Faster test cycles”

75% faster Android Test Validation Cycles gives us a faster time to market Dinu Radian, Software Engineering Manager

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Pays for itself in 6 months.

Even if we assume that each engineer only does one build per week, the money saved in lost productivity pays for the system inside of six months. Glenn Salaman, Director of Software Development


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