Immutable Servers, FTW!


— Prathap G. Dendi (@pDendi) March 17, 2015 A couple of weeks ago I got to attend - and present at - my very first SXSW. And man, what a trip. On St. Patrick's day, I was also rocking it with the masses. sort of.. as I got to give my first talk...

Are Secret Agents Lurking in Your Background?


ElectricFlow is a unified DevOps automation solution providing teams with shared control and visibility across the entire build, test and production application infrastructure. To orchestrate this work in an efficient manner across hundreds – or hundreds of thousands – of machines in geographically distributed locations, ElectricFlow takes advantage of a...

Part 2: What we learned at DevOps Enterprise Summit 2014, and what will this year’s DOES hold for you?


In a recent post, we shared five favorite takeaways from last year’s DevOps Enterprise Summit (#DOES14) and announced DevOps Enterprise Summit 2015 (DOES15), happening October 19-21 in San Francisco. We are excited to share five more takeaways from last year’s DOES event since there were so many amazing presentations, based...


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