Weekly Top 10: The Rise of the DevOps Engineer


We’re back for another weekly round-up of the top software delivery news covering the ins-and-outs of DevOps tooling, processes and people. In fact, DevOps has become such a quintessential part of how enterprises deliver software, there is an emerging need for DevOps professionals in the workplace. The job title “DevOps...

Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) Podcast: Episode 48 – Process-as-Code


This morning on #c9d9 we talked about Process-as-Code. DevOps at scale requires predictability and consistency. Your application code is versioned. Infrastructure-as-code defines your environments. But what about the process?  How do you define your processes as code? What are some use cases and best-practices for ensuring your automation is versionable, testable,...

Key Takeaways from Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) Episode 47: Open Source and DevOps


Last week, we hosted another episode of our Continuous Discussion (#c9d9) video podcast, featuring expert panelists discussing the benefits of using open source tools and how DevOps can mitigate risks in quality and security when incorporating open source into your application code, environments and tool chain. Our expert panel included: Chris...

Talking with The New Stack about DevOps at ChefConf 2016


This past July, Electric Cloud headed out to ChefConf in Austin. While it was hot outside, there were many cool conversations happening inside the event center. One case in point – our CTO Anders Wallgren sat down with DevOps evangelist Jason Hand from VictoOps, TheNewStack (TNS) consulting engineer Lee Calcote and TNS managing editor Joab...

Electric Cloud Advances DevOps


Electric Cloud was recently named Best in Show for DevOps in the SD Times Top 100. I had the opportunity to sit with the editors of SD Times to discuss what's unique about Electric Cloud's solutions, and how the innovation of ElectricFlow advances DevOps. Read my interview with SD Times below....

Weekly Top 10: The Nuances of Delivering Software


In the journey to make software delivery faster, more predictable and increasingly streamlined, complexity still creates barriers for practices such as Agile and DevOps to become standardized across an organization. Throw into the mix the rise of containers, microservices, and the complexities of different stages along the delivery pipeline - from...


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