DevOps Metrics That Actually Mean Something: Listen to Anders Wallgren’s Interview on DZone’s CodeTalk Podcast


At the recent Agile2016 conference in Atlanta this past July, our CTO Anders Wallgren had the opportunity to sit down with John Esposito from DZone's Code Talk Podcast. Anders discussed the key metrics that matter when evaluating your DevOps efforts and optimizing your software delivery pipeline. You can’t improve what you cannot measure. But...

Weekly Top 10: DevOps Tools and Agile Teams


Nothing is immune to change, including software delivery practices. As DevOps continues to mature, for example, and become more deeply ingrained in the enterprise, new revelations are discovered and expanded upon throughout the industry. However, three basic tenets will always remain at the core of DevOps: people, processes and tools....

Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) Podcast: Episode 50 – Special Episode with Gene Kim and the DOES16 Speakers


This morning we had our first in a series of special episodes of our Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) podcast with Gene Kim and the DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES16) speakers. We discussed the role of middle managers in leading DevOps adoption in the enterprise and scaling DevOps throughout your organization; How Conway's...

Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) Podcast: Episode 49 – Deployment Patterns


This morning on #c9d9 we talked about some of the differences between traditional "Big bang" releases, and today's need for CD-style release pipelines. This cadence of releases into production often requires advanced deployments patterns to support high updates rates, while mitigating the risk of failed deployments and maintaining zero-downtime for end...

Key Takeaways from Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) Episode 48: Process-as-Code


Last week, we hosted another episode of our Continuous Discussion (#c9d9) video podcast, featuring expert panelists discussing process as code. Our expert panel included: David-Blank Edelman, technical evangelist for Apcera; Juni Mukherjee, Author of “Continuous Delivery Pipeline – Where Does It Choke?”; J. Paul Reed, managing partner of Release Engineering Approaches;...

Electric Cloud is Growing to Keep up with Record Pace


In today’s digital age, business innovation is largely driven by software delivery. To win, serve and retain customers, organizations must release application updates at an increasingly faster pace and in a more agile manner. Large enterprises find they have to compete with Silicon Valley unicorns to stay relevant, and are...


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