How FedTech Does DevOps?


When it comes to government IT or FedTech, innovation and digital transformation can seem next to impossible.  Massive amounts of secure data, employee bases of hundreds of thousands and custom base of millions, thousand-page standards and regulation manuals, risk-averse culture, and seemingly endless other roadblocks and backlogs make DevOps and...

DOES15 CrowdChat 2.0 – What a Community!

Did we have fun on today’s CrowdChat previewing the 2015 DevOps Enterprise Summit, or what?! We heard from several speakers participating this year who discussed the inner-workings of DevOps based on their past experiences and current business challenges. From cultural hurdles and DevOps adoption challenges to IT security concerns and...

What are the challenges and triumphs of DevOps in large enterprises? Watch the replay of the latest video chat with Gene Kim and the #DOES15 speakers


Today we had another great video chat with Gene Kim and the DOES15 Speakers and partners, gearing up for DevOps Enterprise Summit this October. Watch the replay of the video below to learn about the main challenges - and some pathways to success - with implementing DevOps in large enterprises. Hear how...

Information Security & The Age of DevOps


We hear a lot about the folks in charge of Information Security and Compliance in large organizations being anxious about DevOps. Thinking it might be too risky, or that those fast feedback loops and fast delivery could jeopardize security controls. Think DevOps is risky? think again! InfoSec have long been...

Installation Automation – How Much is Enough?


In a previous post, I addressed the importance of keeping all of the testing environments as similar to the Production environment as possible.  I mentioned that the install should be fully automated - but the question might arise, how much automation is enough? Let's consider this question now: As Martin Fowler states: "You’re doing continuous...


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