Continuous Discussions (#c9d9): Episode 22 Recap – The Transformative Benefits of DevOps and Continuous Delivery – with Gene Kim


Organizations of all size are realizing that DevOps and Continuous Delivery help unlock many benefits for their business by streamlining the software production process. Yesterday, I joined Gene Kim, Vincent Thavonekham and Anders Wallgren on our bi-weekly Continuous Discussions (c9d9) video hangout.  This time we talked about the benefits of DevOps...

Weekly Top Ten: DevOps Making Changes


It was an exciting week in the DevOps world. IT Revolution and Puppet Lab’s released their 2015 State of DevOps Report,  Electric Cloud announced our new partnership with Arynga, and Ken Brioddagh educated readers that The IoT Is in Your Car, and That Means We Need a Change.  Truthfully, what...

Accelerating Ninja with ElectricAccelerator


ElectricAccelerator is an acceleration platform that optimally parallelizes software tasks across clusters of physical or cloud CPUs. This gives software-driven organizations the ability to speed up any number of concurrent activities so they can deliver better software faster. ElectricAccelerator offers the following unique capabilities: Safe and deterministic object file caching...

Weekly Top 10: DevOps – Apply It


There was a lot of great news coming out of @electriccloud and @DOESsummit this week. We saw plenty of examples of DevOps being applied, and even more so, working. It is changing the way people, organizations and entire industries operate. In “How DevOps is changing the business of IT consulting,” by...


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