OpsDev is Coming

Developers, end users, investors, analysts and the competition were all eager to learn what Apple had in mind to maintain its leadership and market share at the recent WWDC in San Francisco. No new mind blowing product was announced, and Apple’s stock price actually fell. But there was a common...

Connected Teams, Connected Code, and the Connected Device: The Complexities of IoT Development

In my previous post I discussed the challenges of IoT software delivery as they relate to managing the complexities of integrating three distinct development pipelines comprising the different components of the IoT software. These are: The embedded software in the device itself - for example, software embedded in a car. The big-data backend application...

IoT, ALM, PLM, CD, and all that Jazz!

With the proliferation of IoT and connected devices, many traditional manufacturing companies find themselves now needing to become software companies - expanding their focus from production of physical goods, to infusing software into their products. This complexity of integrating software, hardware, firmware and physical components requires an evolution in how companies design, develop,...

Helping Software to Eat the World Without Getting Indigestion

Software is eating the world, and consumer demand for smart homes, smarter appliances and automobiles, wearables, and autonomous vehicles is accelerating the pace. Take modern cars, for example. These rolling datacenters now contain over 80 CPU’s to perform hybrid or gasoline engine management, transmission shifting optimization, infotainment (navigation, internet services,...

Continuous Delivery Puts Automotive Software into High Gear

Two of the big-three US automakers and three tier-1 global automotive suppliers use Electric Cloud’s product to accelerate the delivery and improve quality of various components that go into our cars – such as power trains, transmissions, lighting, instrumentation, and infotainment software. Today, cars are run by software. Engine Control...

A New Era For Car Buyers (and Sellers)

Buying a car can be a stressful process for many people. We often hear anecdotes or have our own unpleasant experiences about dealing with car salesmen (as stereotypical as this may sound). It seems that for the longest time we’ve come to accept – and expect – the routine back-and-forth...

Delivering the “Smarts” to the Smart Car

In a recent Linkedin post, I shared my impressions from the Embedded World show in Germany and its focus on Intelligent and Connected Cars. Success in the auto industry today is no longer determined by only the horsepower of an engine, or how many cup holders it has. Buyers ask different questions: How...


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