ElectricFlow is Now Available on Microsoft Azure

The ElectricFlow Community Edition is a free, full feature version of ElectricFlow. The Community Edition provides teams with an easy way to quickly spin up an ElectricFlow server and become productive in no time - on their path to transforming their software releases and streamlining their DevOps efforts. We are continuing...

New! ElectricFlow Container Management Plugins: Deploy to Amazon ECS or Google Container Engine (GKE) with a Click of a Button

As containers and microservices are becoming more mainstream, enterprises are looking into ways of adopting these new technologies - for both new applications, as well as for certain (decomposed) components of their legacy services. A key challenge for these organizations is coordinating and incorporating containers and microservices-based application - with their dedicated...

Managing Microservices at Scale

These are interesting times to be in the business of software innovation! It’s exhilarating to see the great things happening now in our space with the continued merging of Dev and Ops, legacy application and new technologies, tried-and-true practices and this new world of Continuous-everything. I work with many large...

Avantika Mathur

Avantika Mathur

Avantika (Avan) Mathur is the product manager for ElectricFlow. She helps large enterprises across #Finserv, Retail, Embedded accelerate their #DevOps adoption, design complex automation solutions & optimize delivery pipelines. Avan holds a degree in Computer science. Previously, she was the Global Technical Account Manager for large customers at Electric Cloud. Prior to working at Electric Cloud, Avan worked as a software engineer at IBM for five years doing Linux kernel development.
Avantika Mathur


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ElectricFlow Community Edition



The most advanced DevOps Release Automation solution

ElectricFlow - The most advanced DevOps Release Automation solution

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