The most powerful ElectricFlow yet: Announcing ElectricFlow v6.0

Since its introduction a year ago, we’ve added tons of new features to both ElectricFlow and the ElectricCommander platform to help customers tackle important DevOps use cases, including Application Release Automation and Continuous Delivery orchestration. ElectricFlow 6.0 not only rolls up the features of previous Feature Releases into a Long...

Are Secret Agents Lurking in Your Background?

ElectricFlow is a unified DevOps automation solution providing teams with shared control and visibility across the entire build, test and production application infrastructure. To orchestrate this work in an efficient manner across hundreds – or hundreds of thousands – of machines in geographically distributed locations, ElectricFlow takes advantage of a...

Total Control of Even Your Most Complex Automated Deployment Processes

We all know deploying large custom multi-tier applications is tough and complex. Many have some automation with scripts to handle aspects of the overall application deployment, but we are all too familiar with those multi-page deployment instructions with lots of manual tasks, aren’t we? These manual steps, coupled with pockets...

Build-to-ship vs build-to-operate

When discussing software delivery activities, there is often ambiguity when defining the types of software that is delivered, and hence, the delivery pipeline activities that need to be done. Is it embedded? OTS? Enterprise software? Packaged software? Web apps? mobile back-end? Mobile apps (client side)? OS and drivers? Web services?...

Deployment automaton, aviation style.

Forester analyst Glenn O'Donnell uses a good analogy when he speaks to describe the importance and value of testing and refining your application deployments before pushing an application to production. To make his point he asks, "What if Boeing didn't test it's plane designs before you flew on them?" So,...

Who drives DevOps in your organization?

I attended an interesting DevOps meet-up event in Silicon valley two weeks ago - And a very exciting debate broke out at this event:  Who drives DevOps – Dev or Ops? (sidebar note – only in Silicon Valley can you get  100+  passionate Ops/Dev people to show up to...

Dan Gordon

Dan Gordon

Dan Gordon is a Product Manager at Electric Cloud with more than twenty years of experience in the IT software industry. He brings a focus on helping companies build the best tools to help development and IT organizations achieve continuous delivery of quality software. Previously, Dan served as product manager and systems architect for the enterprise IT automation software business within HP Software. He has also held managing and systems engineering roles at Opsware, and been a developer, a network administrator, and a security administrator at Sun Microsystems. Dan is passionate about enabling all software companies (and all companies are software companies) to deliver value to their customers at high velocity.
Dan Gordon


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