Weekly Top 10: Advancing IT in the Enterprise

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It was a jam-packed week of DevOps news for the enterprise IT community. Gartner discussed pointers on how our community can help push DevOps practices into the mainstream, BizTech Magazine and InformationManagement.com highlighted several ideas and opportunities to drive DevOps success in the enterprise, and our 2014 DevOps Enterprise Summit was...

Weekly Top 10: ENT(erprise)OVATION


  To stay fluid and increasingly responsive to customer expectations, user feedback and business needs, enterprises cannot only continuously improve, but must continuously innovate. This week’s top news showcases the enterprise as the driving force behind software delivery innovation. Analyst Martin Kuppinger, succinctly summed up exactly what’s putting the fire underneath...

Make Deployment Automation Work for Your Business


With careful planning and execution, implementing automated deployment will make your development process faster and more user-friendly for all stakeholders—from developers and QA to release engineers, database administrators, and IT operations—and, ultimately, the end-users. In a recent article in CMCrossroads, Anders Wallgren, Chief Technology Officer at Electric Cloud, takes a...

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Electric Cloud powers Continuous Delivery. We help organizations developing mobile, embedded systems and enterprise web/IT applications deliver better software faster by automating and accelerating build, test, and deployment processes at scale. Industry leaders like Qualcomm, SpaceX, Cisco, GE, Gap, and E*TRADE use Electric Cloud solutions and services to boost DevOps productivity and Agile throughput.
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