How FedTech Does DevOps?


When it comes to government IT or FedTech, innovation and digital transformation can seem next to impossible.  Massive amounts of secure data, employee bases of hundreds of thousands and custom base of millions, thousand-page standards and regulation manuals, risk-averse culture, and seemingly endless other roadblocks and backlogs make DevOps and...

Information Security & The Age of DevOps


We hear a lot about the folks in charge of Information Security and Compliance in large organizations being anxious about DevOps. Thinking it might be too risky, or that those fast feedback loops and fast delivery could jeopardize security controls. Think DevOps is risky? think again! InfoSec have long been...

What are the Challenges – and Triumphs – of DevOps in large enterprises? Join the Next Video Chat with Gene Kim and the DOES15 Speakers


On our fifth video chat gearing up for DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES15), we'll be hearing from Gene Kim and some of the speakers and partners of DOES15 about the challenges - and triumphs - of DevOps in large enterprises. Join us on Thursday, September 24, at 11am PDT to talk DevOps with us!. Add the event to...

How do Enterprises Address the Challenges of DevOps: Watch the Next Video Chat with Gene Kim and the #DOES15 Speakers to Find Out


Join Gene Kim and the speakers and program members for the upcoming DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES15) for our second live video chat on Friday, September 4, at 10am PDT. We will be discussing how large enterprises (the ‘horses’) are doing DevOps, focusing on how they address the top 5 challenges facing the...

Retail Represents at DOES15!


As we are quickly coming upon the second annual DevOps Enterprise Summit, we have a question for you: Where do people go shopping? Our shopping habits have changed significantly over the past several years, as the consumer spending landscape continues to evolve for department stores and brick-and-mortar retailers. For examples,...

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Electric Cloud powers Continuous Delivery. We help organizations developing mobile, embedded systems and enterprise web/IT applications deliver better software faster by automating and accelerating build, test, and deployment processes at scale. Industry leaders like Qualcomm, SpaceX, Cisco, GE, Gap, and E*TRADE use Electric Cloud solutions and services to boost DevOps productivity and Agile throughput.
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