Weekly Top 10: The DevOps Toolchain


This week’s top news covers all the necessary tools and practices to successfully adopt DevOps and Continuous Delivery in your organization. As we have been told time and again, changing your team’s culture and organizational structure is key to kick starting a smooth and successful shift towards DevOps. Equally important...

Weekly Top 10: DevOps & Microservices


The (re?)emergence of Microservices was especially prominent in this week's news. What are they good for? do they make sense for your application? should you take the plunge? and what do Microservices mean for your DevOps and Continuous Delivery efforts? Continue reading for more on Microservices, containers, DevOps culture, and more top news...

Weekly Top 10: From FinServ to Scaling


From scaling Agile to creating a DevOps culture, there was plenty to take in as the software innovation community continues to band together to push industries forward. In fact, we are seeing the rise of FinTech and FinServ in this week’s posts – a vertical market that has been gaining...

Weekly Top 10: First Ten of ‘16


Welcome to the first top DevOps news roundup of 2016! At the end of last year, we saw some great predictions for 2016. While we’re excited to kick off the new year, this week’s top posts reminded us to take a second to slow down and really understand the current state...

Year in Review: Our Top Blog Posts from 2015


2015 has been a busy year for us at Electric Cloud, as we continue to innovate on the Product front to transform the way organizations deliver software to market. 2015 saw the launch of ElectricFlow Deploy - the industry's most powerful deploy automation and ARA solution, soon followed by ElectricFlow Release -...

Weekly Top 10: Our Top Tweets of 2015


As we close out the final days of 2015, we are taking a look back on some of our most popular Tweets from the year. These posts covered a gamut of digital transformation topics – from events such as Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) and the DevOps Enterprise Summit to our company/product...

The Origin of Continuous Design


While the mantra of the DevOps community states that faster software innovation means better competition in the marketplace, the importance of continuous innovation in software design is often overlooked. Yet analysis has shown that design is a key element in the performance of technology companies, and that’s how the idea...

Weekly Top 10: DevOps Shares the Spotlight


Did you think we forgot about our good friends Agile and Continuous Integration? With all the buzz around DevOps looking towards 2016, it’s been challenging to focus on anything else. DevOps, Agile, CI and Continuous Delivery are all joined at the hip, and this past week saw some great articles on...

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Electric Cloud powers Continuous Delivery. We help organizations developing mobile, embedded systems and enterprise web/IT applications deliver better software faster by automating and accelerating build, test, and deployment processes at scale. Industry leaders like Qualcomm, SpaceX, Cisco, GE, Gap, and E*TRADE use Electric Cloud solutions and services to boost DevOps productivity and Agile throughput.
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