Choose wisely – for today’s choices will affect tomorrow!

Andrew Binstock from Dr. Dobbs wrote a great article recently on the growing importance of Agile methodologies like continuous integration(CI), continuous delivery(CD) and how the careful choosing tools must support the changing needs of today and tomorrow.  You can read more about his article here - We couldn’t have said...

The world is going Agile – literally

On my run this morning, I caught an absolutely amazing piece on NPR. Turns out that the world is going Agile. We  - in the technology and software development world, have already learnt what it means to be agile. Its all about making small incremental changes,  delivering it to customers,...

90 days to 10 minutes – How do you like that for efficient software delivery cycles?

We recently talked to one of our customers implementing ElectricCommander, our software development and delivery automation solution, and the improvements this customer has seen with ElectricCommander are truly astounding. The customer (for privacy reasons, we shall not name them here), creates cutting edge software used by millions of web users/consumers...

The Secret to Fast, Reliable Builds – Part 2

In a previous blogpost by Eric Melski, he covered the basic conflict detection algorithm in ElectricMake. It’s surprisingly simple, which is one of its strengths. But if ElectricMake strictly adhered to the simple definition of a conflict, many builds would be needlessly serialized, sapping performance. Over the years we’ve made a...

The Secret to Fast, Reliable Builds – Part 1

Parallel execution is a popular technique for reducing software build length, and for good reason. These days, multi-core computers have become standard — even my laptop has four cores — so there’s horsepower to spare. And it’s “falling over easy” to implement: just slap a “-j” onto your make command-line,...

Agile Won’t Scale Without Automation: Limited Insight

This is part five of a five part series where we will present five distinct challenges that if left unaddressed will drastically reduce an organization’s ability to gain the benefits promised by a move to Agile development methods. It’s a sad fact that in most enterprises, the process of building,...

My Not-So-Secret Secrets to Management Success: Respect

Hugely important, mutual respect makes it possible to work together efficiently. Respect yourself, your coworkers, and your customers. Expect the same from everyone on your team, and help those who run into any difficulties with that. Any feedback is of course welcome (I sure hope my team won't correct me...

My Not-So-Secret Secrets to Management Success: Empowerment

Team members are empowered to make their own decisions where appropriate and know when to consult. I personally don't care for micro management (too much work for me), so when choosing members for my team I look for people with a strong sense of personal accountability who drive towards finding...

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