My Not-So-Secret Secrets to Management Success: Goals

In many organizations, there’s too much talk about setting goals and not enough doing it. Everybody needs to clearly understand the overall goal, and what they can do to help move forward with that goal. And let's be clear... the overarching goal is to allow for my early retirement at...

My Not-So-Secret Secrets to Management Success

So, while I was counting and assigning bugs in Jira, I started to wonder... What makes our development team (well... probably any team) successful? Aside from me being an awesome manager dude (with tie-dye t-shirts and all), the obvious answer is: people. Now that we’ve taken care of that platitude,...

Electric Cloud Customer Summit 2011 Stats

Did you know that almost 25% of the people at this year's summit had been to at least one summit before? Building on the statistics we posted previously, Eric Melski's done some deep analysis of the 2011 Electric Cloud Customer Summit over on his blog. Eric pulled together lots of...

ElectricAccelerator 6.0

Electric Cloud proudly announced ElectricAccelerator 6.0 last week. Eric Melski, ElectricAccelerator Architect, gives us a rundown of the major new features:

EC Summit 2011

Last week was the 2011 Electric Cloud Summit and we had a great turn out. It was a three day (1 day of training and 2 days of speakers) event at the Downtown San Jose Fairmont. The event by the numbers: 150+ registrants (50% increase from last year) 130+ participants...

Struggling with your build failure analysis?

After having helped a customer resolve a tricky problem with one of their builds, our Chief Architect for the ElectricAccelerator product Eric Melski wrote up a detailed step-by-step and state-of-the-art walkthrough of the build debugging process - from initial problem presentation, through multiple theories and finally to resolution....

VMworld 2011

What a week! 20,000 attendees and amazing sessions in hot (110°) in Las Vegas. VMworld was also a great show for us. • We had a wonderful booth and hundreds of VMworld attendees stopped by to learn more about our solution • We announced our integration with VMware vCLoud Director....

What the Cloud really means for Developers

In his Modernizing IT column this week, Eric Knorr at InfoWorld explores “What cloud really means for developers.” He touches on a number of the key benefits to developing on the cloud: things like increased agility, managing geographically dispersed development teams, and the cloud’s ability to support the “bursty” nature...

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