Accelerating Ninja with ElectricAccelerator

ElectricAccelerator is an acceleration platform that optimally parallelizes software tasks across clusters of physical or cloud CPUs. This gives software-driven organizations the ability to speed up any number of concurrent activities so they can deliver better software faster. ElectricAccelerator offers the following unique capabilities: Safe and deterministic object file caching...


The title of this blog represents a concept I have been battling for more than three decades. For this reason, it did not surprise me when it popped up in cyberspace a few weeks ago. I was cruising the web for comments on CD and CI when I ran into...

Juan Jimenez

Juan is a former US Marine, pilot, great cook, father and husband who speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese, and has been in the IT industry since the mid-1970’s. He has also taught ITIL and Business Relationship Management all over the world, and all his students know him as the Crazy Puertorican.


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