Announcing ElectricAccelerator JobCache

Today, we are excited to announce a new add-on to ElectricAccelerator 8.0 called JobCache. What’s the big deal you ask, since ElectricAccelerator already super-accelerates your software build and tests? Yes, it is true that ElectricAccelerator has achieved some pretty amazing things in its 7 product generations. Customers have told us...

Dependency Management Saves the Day: How to Manage Dependencies Across Multiple Versions of Visual Studio SDK with ElectricAccelerator

One of the biggest differentiators for ElectricAccelerator is the ability to build software FAST without compromising correctness. It achieves that with our unique dependency detection and management technologies. One of the perks of working as a product manager is learning from the our customers; they may not always use the...

Jane Kuo

Jane Kuo

Jane Kuo is a product manager at Electric Cloud responsible for ElectricAccelerator product family.Jane comes to Electric Cloud with over a decade of industry experience building cool products.Prior to joining Electric cloud, she was with Guidewire Software where she helped define a new Business Intelligence strategy and delivered the first product offering .Jane was also at VMware where she helped to deliver the award-winning VMware Workstation and was responsible for the introduction of (free!) VMware Player.

Jane holds a BS in Computer Science, a BS in Management Science, and MEng in Computer Science from MIT.
Jane Kuo


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