DevOps: Getting Sh*t Done

I recently joined Electric Cloud to lead Product Marketing. As I finish my second week here, I’m reflecting on what I’m learning from my colleagues, the industry, the market, use cases and Electric Cloud’s technology. It’s impressive, eye opening and has shifted my perception of the IT industry in fundamental...

Jessica Marie

Jessica Marie

Director of Product Marketing at Electric Cloud
Jessica leads product marketing for ElectricFlow and ElectricAccelerator solutions at ElectricCloud. She brings several years experience in product and solutions marketing for both large companies and startups. Prior to joining ElectricCloud, Jessica held positions in cybersecurity, big data and machine intelligence companies. Jessica holds undergraduate degrees in international relations and economics from California State University, East Bay, and an Executive Master of Business Administration from Saint Mary’s College of California. Connect with her on Twitter, @thoughtcosm.
Jessica Marie

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