The Access Control List (ACL) War

- YEAR 2016. CONFERENCE ROOM AT A LARGE FINANCIAL SERVICES ORGANIZATION - - PROFESSIONAL SERVICES ENGINEER PULLING HIS HAIR - (Yelling) Noooooooooooooo! (room becomes silent, all turn to look at the engineer) AND SO IT BEGINS: Soon - on an ElectricFlow server in a data center near you! OK, enough with...

Testing Your CI Procedures with ElectricCommander

As more and more of our customers are moving from a waterfall process to a lean, agile one, the common question I get is “How do I test my ElectricCommander changes so I can reduce my errors and therefore downtime on my production server?” As a matter of fact, a...

Why You Should Attend DevOps Enterprise

As you certainly already know, Electric Cloud is organizing our annual user conference named DevOps Enterprise in cooperation with IT Revolution (a company founded by Gene Kim, a well known DevOps advocate and author of The Phoenix Project) on October 21-23 in San Francisco.  There are some amazing speakers from...

Harden Your Accelerator Cluster

ElectricAccelerator dramatically accelerates software builds and tests by safely parallelizing jobs across shared clusters of physical or cloud CPU’s.  Although EA is resistant to agent failures, there are steps you can take to harden your cluster. Software builds have joined the ranks of other "mission critical" services.  If you want...

Reporting and Charting in ElectricCommander

For this article, I would like to review the different ways to report and chart with ElectricCommander. Each has its pros and cons and not every solution is a perfect fit for your needs. We will look at the following: CI reports Standard reports and BIRT extension Unplug and HTML...

ElectricCommander Best Practices: Versioning

If you have any kind of software development experience you are already familiar with the imperious need to use some kind of Source Control Management (SCM) tool such as Perforce or Subversion. In this article we will explore the available options to use such a system for your Commander development...

Laurent Rochette

Laurent Rochette is a Professional Service Engineer with Electric Cloud. He trains customers on our products and help them with deployments and consulting to enable them to use our products effectively. Prior to joining Electric Cloud, Laurent served as an IT Architect at Mentor Graphics. Laurent holds a Master degree in Computer Science from the Grenoble Polytechnic Institute (INPG) in France.


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