Perl best practices part 2: getting Properties

Last week, we explored how to use ElectricCommander properties to ease and speed up your step development. This week, we will build on last week function InvokeCommander(). sub getP() Accessing a property value in ElectricCommander is easy and straightforward. You have several options: Standard substitution: $[/path/to/my/property]. The problem is if...

Perl best practices for ElectricCommander

Perl Header I spent a lot of my working hours writing steps for ElectricCommander, either for my own projects or for the Professional Services I deliver to our customers. I usually do my code writing in Perl because I’m very familiar with the language (too long to count) There is...

EC-Admin: administration procedures for new customers

When I started at Electric Cloud and worked with new customers on ElectricCommander implementations, they pretty much all had the same pattern of question: “How do I manage my jobs, clean up my database and my disk partition." The concern was that customers realized that the amount of disk space...

Laurent Rochette

Laurent Rochette is a Professional Service Engineer with Electric Cloud. He trains customers on our products and help them with deployments and consulting to enable them to use our products effectively. Prior to joining Electric Cloud, Laurent served as an IT Architect at Mentor Graphics. Laurent holds a Master degree in Computer Science from the Grenoble Polytechnic Institute (INPG) in France.


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