DevOps Fails More Often Than Not – Here’s Why

DevOps presents an opportunity to build better software, but there's no guarantee of success. A look at how to do DevOps right. Every now and again, there comes an idea that forces organizations to reevaluate the status quo. This change revolutionizes an industry by pushing its principles across current industry barriers....

Mark Tomcza

Mark Tomcza

Global Devops Solutions Architect at Electric Cloud
Mark Tomcza is originally from Chicago Illinois. He graduated Northern Illinois University with a degree in Economics and proceeded to work in a fast, demanding environment, modeling employee benefit structure design for Aon. Through a chance opportunity, Mark made his transition into information technology where he realized the power behind software.

Following his transition into the world of information technology, Mark landed at Fidelity National Information Services where he helped run software implementation and delivery which included client-side operations for FIS’ largest client base.

Prior to his start at Electric Cloud, Mark served as DevOps Lead for The Vitality Group where he helped create and run various application and infrastructure projects focusing primarily on system monitoring and visibility across all areas of business spanning multiple continents.

Currently, Mark serves as a Global DevOps Solutions Architect for Electric Cloud. He enables clients to reach new heights by leveraging the power of existing business ideals, promoting complimentary organizational shifts in implementation and pairing them with cutting edge technologies.

In his free time, Mark enjoys the outdoors, construction projects, creating art, screenwriting, and travelling.
Mark Tomcza

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