From Over an Hour to Under 3 Minutes.  Yes, Really!

In our current rush for digital transformation, doing things faster – like builds – is generally a good thing.  But what if it was possible to predict or even control the amount of time a build could actually take?  You could make sure your development team confidently does builds in a...

Android Build Times: The New Bottleneck

As Android is becoming the platform of choice for everything from cell phones to home appliances to in-car management systems, the need to build and deploy faster has grown significantly.  Android device makers are under tremendous pressure to incorporate Google’s latest Android version - along with their own value add...

Mohan Dattatreya

Mohan Dattatreya

General Manager, Acceleration Solutions at Electric Cloud
Mohan is responsible for product management, product delivery & strategy for Acceleration solutions at ElectricCloud. Mohan brings over 20 years of leadership experience in delivering innovative products at startups as well as at large companies. Prior to joining Electric Cloud, Mohan held leadership roles at Nortel Networks, Tasman Networks, SeriousEnergy and Cisco Systems.

Mohan holds a M.S in Computer Science from Stanford University and an MBA from Santa Clara University.
Mohan Dattatreya


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