Installation Automation – How Much is Enough?

In a previous post, I addressed the importance of keeping all of the testing environments as similar to the Production environment as possible.  I mentioned that the install should be fully automated - but the question might arise, how much automation is enough? Let's consider this question now: As Martin Fowler states: "You’re doing continuous...

Why You Need a Bill of Materials

In manufacturing, companies are often required to create a Bill of Materials (a BOM) that describes in detail all of the items that are included in a certain deliverable or end product.  In the early days of software development these descriptive documents were sometimes required as people attempted to understand...

Noel Seaton

Noel has over 25 years of experience in Build and Release Management. She has worked for many companies, both small and large, throughout the Bay Area, assisting them in achieving a smooth, repeatable and reliable Release Process. Working on globally distributed teams, she has created release processes that have increased reliability and stability for complex software systems. She is currently working for Electric Cloud as a Customer Experience engineer, performing Training and Customer Support, sharing her experience with Electric Flow customers.


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