Agile @Home: Let’s Do Some Laundry!

A little over a year ago, Electric Cloud switched its engineering practices to embrace Agile practices, and Scrum in particular. We went through a 2-3 day on-site seminar with a trainer, and then the engineering and product management leadership went through an intense follow-on 2 day session. It was a...

ElectricCommander + Python =

Last week Electric Cloud hosted its biggest customer summit ever, discussing real-world implementation of Continuous Delivery and ways to accelerate your software pipeline. It was an exciting and educational experience for customers and EC staff. A few customers approached me with the question, "We're not big on Perl. Are there...

Sandeep Tamhankar

Sandeep Tamhankar is Principal Engineer in, Electric Cloud's mobile CI/CD cloud service.

He joined the Electric Cloud engineering team in 2003 to work on various facets of emake and the Accelerator Cluster Manager and wrote the first version of ElectricRunner. Sandeep was a member of the team that began to design and implement ElectricCommander in 2005, where he wrote the Commander Agent and implemented some of the core features of the Commander server.

Sandeep holds a BS in Computer Science from Cornell University and an MS in Computer Science from Stanford University.

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