24 Hours of Innovation

What’s innovative, collaborative, and only lives 24 hours?  An Electric Cloud Hackathon! In the past year, we’ve had three of them.  People from all over the organization participate, and the only two requirements are: You must have more than one person on your hackathon team Your hackathon project should benefit...

Continuous Discussions (#c9d9): Episode 23 Recap – Huge Scale Deployments

Deploying to 10 or 20 servers can be complicated. But what are some of the tools, tips and patterns for successfully deploying to 1,000’s of servers around the world? This morning on Continuous Discussions we walked through some recommendations and best practices for supporting Huge-Scale deployments (which also apply to deployments, in...

Continuous Discussions (#c9d9): Episode 22 Recap – The Transformative Benefits of DevOps and Continuous Delivery – with Gene Kim

Organizations of all size are realizing that DevOps and Continuous Delivery help unlock many benefits for their business by streamlining the software production process. Yesterday, I joined Gene Kim, Vincent Thavonekham and Anders Wallgren on our bi-weekly Continuous Discussions (c9d9) video hangout.  This time we talked about the benefits of DevOps...

DOES15 CrowdChat Strikes a Chord with the DevOps Community!

It’s not often we get the opportunity to pull together some of the best minds in the software development/delivery community to talk about DevOps and the IT value stream. But today, DevOps Enterprise Summit speakers and committee members, along with Gene Kim and Electric Cloud, hosted a live social chat - via...

Continuous Discussions (#c9d9): Episode 18 Recap – Ops Monitoring and Continuous Delivery

Earlier today on Continuous Discussions we discussed how Ops Monitoring effects your CD pipeline, and the benefits - and challenges - of "shifting left" to introduce monitoring earlier in your process. Monitoring: Here, There and Everywhere Our panelists addressed 3 key questions: What should you measure? is it infrastructure, performance? app usage? business...

Sam Fell

Sam Fell

Sam Fell is responsible for Product Marketing at Electric Cloud. He is a Dad, a DevOps enthusiast, a technology enthusiast, a “doing things right” enthusiast and an enthusiasm enthusiast.
Sam Fell


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