Branching Strategies and Continuous Delivery – By Seb Rose

This is a guest blog post by Seb Rose, who was a panelist on a recent #c9d9 episode on Huge-Scale Deployments. At the CoDe conference in Oslo earlier this year, it became clear that there was disagreement about the role that branches should/could play in Continuous Integration/Delivery. I blogged about this...

Continuous Discussions (#c9d9): Episode 11 Recap – Build Acceleration

If you build it - they will come It happens after coding. But before testing. It’s the software build step – and it’s a big part of Continuous Integration.  As lines of code (LOC) become exponentially larger, applications more complex and more critical to your business - how can you keep builds...

Continuous Discussions (#c9d9): Episode 9 Recap – CI Best Practices

"I do think branches are necessary, but I don't think they should be long lived." @mpchlets #c9d9 — Electric Cloud (@electriccloud) February 3, 2015 Earlier today we had a great time on #c9d9 talking about Continuous Integration: What are the pre-requisites for CI? is it culture or tooling? What...

Continuous Discussions (#c9d9): Episode 5 Recap – Jenkins in the Enterprise

Today on Continuous Discussions we talked about some of the challenges that people encounter when needing to orchestrate large-scale enterprise pipeline with Jenkins. We discussed issues like Jenkins Sprawl, scalability, enterprise support, shared visibility and reporting, and more. Our team of panelists also shared some of the solutions they implemented...

Who killed Agile?

Last week I attended the Agile2014 show in Florida.  Agile and continuous delivery can bring significant improvements  to any organization for building, testing and deploying software, but we often find that there is resistance for adoption. Creating the necessary processes and tools and automating and accelerating them can help you...

See Agile Run – Continuous Delivery is the Next Destination on the Agile Journey

Starting on July 28 the Agile software community will gather for its 13th annual gathering. Agile2014, being held in Orlando this year, is not only the biggest Agile event of the year, but a bellwether for how more iterative, modern software delivery approaches are progressing. Taking a cursory look through...


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