Coordinating IoT Software Releases

Developing software for the Internet of Things (IoT) comes with its own set of challenges.  Security, privacy, and unified standards are a few key issues.  In addition, each IoT product is comprised of at least 3 separate application components: the software embedded in the device, the backend big-data service, and...

Read the New Report on Mobile CI: Takeaway? Continuous Awesome is Achievable

This post was originally published on the blog. Ahoy, Shippers! Today we’re excited to share our new report on mobile CI. To date, there has been little data on how mobile developers are adopting CI. We initiated this study to learn more about Android and iOS app developers, their...

ElectricFlow DSL: Process-As-Code for All Your Automation Needs

For the last decade or so, Infrastructure-as-Code has made its way into IT, bringing with it the ability to describe your server configuration and related services in simple scripts that you can easily test, backup, version and reuse. Now that you can describe your server set up as code, it stands to reason...

The ARA Cloud Revolution is HERE: Announcing ElectricFlow 5.4 Release

ElectricFlow Cloud Environments

As the world of application release automation (ARA) continues to evolve and grow, so has the explosion of cloud usage by DevOps teams. SiliconAngle estimates that by the end of 2015, customer spending on cloud services could be more than $180 billion.  Concerns of scalability and handling fail-over as well as...

Automating Automation

Rally. Apache. Glassfish. WebSphere. IIS. JBoss. Oracle. Tomcat. Jetty. Ant. MSBuild. Make. Coverity. Cobertura. CodeScanner. Klockwork. Jenkins. DBI. SQL Server. MySQL. Oracle DB. Bugzilla. ClearQuest. JIRA. Rally. ALM. AppHarbor. Heroku. Docker. Amazon EC2. Azure. Chef. Puppet. AWS. OpenStack. Git. SVN. DBI. Perforce. ServiceNow. ClearCase. And the list goes on… When...

Aaaargh Deployment Failed! ElectricFlow and ShareFile to the Rescue!

Aaaaargh!! It happened to all of us: Your deployment failed, you get the alert, log files are everywhere! Now what? Do you use ShareFile? Do you wish all your log files could be aggregated and available in one location? have you ever considered using ShareFile to store and share your...

Continuous Discussions (#c9d9): Episode 11 Recap – Build Acceleration

If you build it - they will come It happens after coding. But before testing. It’s the software build step – and it’s a big part of Continuous Integration.  As lines of code (LOC) become exponentially larger, applications more complex and more critical to your business - how can you keep builds...

Continuous Discussions (#c9d9): Episode 9 Recap – CI Best Practices

"I do think branches are necessary, but I don't think they should be long lived." @mpchlets #c9d9 — Electric Cloud (@electriccloud) February 3, 2015 Earlier today we had a great time on #c9d9 talking about Continuous Integration: What are the pre-requisites for CI? is it culture or tooling? What...

So, You Want to Orchestrate A-L-L Your Tools, Do Ya?

We know that your software delivery pipeline is complex, and that it is comprised of A LOT of tools. You probably want to be able to orchestrate all of your tools - across your entire delivery pipeline - with one platform. This enables you to: Support end-to-end automation of all your workflows Accelerate cycle...

What are the Key ARA Trends in 2015?

A critical piece of the software delivery  process within large and small IT organizations focuses on something called Application Release Automation (ARA), which helps enable the consistent, repeatable and auditable process of packaging and deploying an applications (or updates to applications) from development across various environments, and ultimately into production....


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