Get Ready for the Two Final Episodes of #c9d9 for the Year!

The Holidays are just around the corner, a time when everyone is gearing up for family, fun and well deserved R&R. During your holiday down-time, join us for some lively discussions on #c9d9. Too much work to do to contemplate any "downtime?" No problem! Tell your boss we said you...

Ho Ho Ho, Holy S&!* – Your Website is DOWN!!

With the holidays quickly approaching, the thoughts on everyone’s mind is holiday shopping; nowhere is that more true than with retailers. This is the last and largest quarter of the year for many companies, so the end of the year boost can really make up for a subpar year. And this...

Continuous Delivery Puts Automotive Software into High Gear

Two of the big-three US automakers and three tier-1 global automotive suppliers use Electric Cloud’s product to accelerate the delivery and improve quality of various components that go into our cars – such as power trains, transmissions, lighting, instrumentation, and infotainment software. Today, cars are run by software. Engine Control...

Deploy Better Software, Faster. Continuously.

What do Financial Services firms like Citibank, retail giants like Target, healthcare companies like Kaiser Permanente, and public utility companies like PG&E have in common? Much of their critical customer-facing business communication now happens online. And their customers and employees all have a lot in common as well… today’s end-users...

Maximize Infrastructure Utilization with Dynamic Resources

One of the key topics discussed during yesterday's #c9d9 episode around resource utilization was dynamic resources.  Dynamic resources are virtual hosts or containers that are spun up and torn down as needed during the automated software build/test/deploy processes. These processes are typically coded into an orchestration tool like ElectricFlow that...

Continuous Discussions (#c9d9): Episode 2 Recap – ARA

Yesterday we live-streamed the 2nd episode of Continuous Discussions - where we were joined by Vivek Malik ( to discuss Application Release Management (ARA). Vivek is a software architect building development platform for software teams, guiding teams on how to integrate devops principles in their daily life. Check out the replay of the episode...

Let’s Talk ARA!

The next episode of Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) will be held on Thursday, October 30th, 10am PST. This time, we’ll be discussing Application Release Automation (ARA). We'll be talking about the challenges of ARA for today’s organizations, and share tips and best practices for streamlining your ARA processes. We'll be joined by Vivek Malik.  Vivek...


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Continuous Delivery (#c9d9) Podcast

c9d9 Continuous Discussion on Agile, DevOps, and Continous Delivery

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