REST Support in ElectricFlow and ElectricCommander 5.2

One of the enduring strengths of ElectricCommander and ElectricFlow is the full API support: anything you can do in the product's UI you can also do from the command line using ectool, or using other tools or systems with our Perl and Java API bindings. However, not everyone in the world...

Continuous Discussions (#c9d9): Episode 1 Recap

[UPDATE: Watch the replay of all previous Continuous Discussions episodes (now on Google Hangout!) and see our upcoming lineup here] Yesterday we live-streamed the series premier of our Continuous Discussions online panel.  We started Continuous Discussions to give the community an open forum to discuss topics related to Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery. On this inaugural...

The Big Bang, and Why Are We Here

The introduction of Agile is heralded by some as sort of the “Big Bang” moment for many of today’s most successful software delivery practices including Continuous Integration, DevOps, Deployment Automation and Continuous Delivery. For many companies, these practices represent the logical evolutionary process of driving the principles – and value...

When is Preflight a Good Idea?

In my previous employment, one director issued a mandate to have “100 successful builds on trunk” and got this approved all the way up to the VP level. At first glance this seemed like a “great” mandate.  Before this was put in place, builds were constantly broken, and often for...

Why You Should Attend DevOps Enterprise

As you certainly already know, Electric Cloud is organizing our annual user conference named DevOps Enterprise in cooperation with IT Revolution (a company founded by Gene Kim, a well known DevOps advocate and author of The Phoenix Project) on October 21-23 in San Francisco.  There are some amazing speakers from...

My Show-and-Tell @ #Merge2014

A mandatory step in CI is code checkout - duh! :) This is one of the reasons why Perforce is one of our most popular plugins for ElectricCommander. Last week, at #Merge2014 conference in SF, I was honored to talk about the evolution of our internal development practices with code review...


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Continuous Delivery (#c9d9) Podcast

c9d9 Continuous Discussion on Agile, DevOps, and Continous Delivery

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