IoT and Industry 4.0 are Driving Multi-Domain Continuous Delivery

The frontier of innovation for product development is changing. Driven by the emerging era of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0, product development and manufacturing sees tremendous business opportunities alongside new challenges. Electric Cloud is partnering with Siemens PLM to offer Multi-Domain Continuous Delivery - a solution to enable an integrated product development environment...

Delivering the “Smarts” to the Smart Car

In a recent Linkedin post, I shared my impressions from the Embedded World show in Germany and its focus on Intelligent and Connected Cars. Success in the auto industry today is no longer determined by only the horsepower of an engine, or how many cup holders it has. Buyers ask different questions: How...

Total Control of Even Your Most Complex Automated Deployment Processes

We all know deploying large custom multi-tier applications is tough and complex. Many have some automation with scripts to handle aspects of the overall application deployment, but we are all too familiar with those multi-page deployment instructions with lots of manual tasks, aren’t we? These manual steps, coupled with pockets...

Docker Santa Clara Meetup Wrapup

Earlier this week we hosted a Docker meetup at our offices in San Jose. I’ve been attending meetups since 2009 and have found them to be a great place to learn new things and meet people. So when I got a chance to become a Docker Santa Clara co-organizer, I jumped at the opportunity....

VMworld 2014: The Enterprise DevOps Cloud – Unlocking the Cloud for Dev, Test and Ops

Today at VMworld, we announced our DevOps Orchestration solution partnership on vCloud Air, enabling the immediate availability of ElectricFlow through the vCloud Air Marketplace. This joint solution enables a true Enterprise DevOps Cloud for hybrid cloud infrastructure, giving you the unlimited scale and flexibility of the integrated proven enterprise ElectricFlow and vCloud...

Protecting Your Car: Increasing Auto Software Security

Automotive software

The automotive industry has transformed from a hardware based supply chain to hardware with embedded software and a services supply chain model. In the automotive industry there is no room for anything slow especially when it comes to updating software. There are 300 million lines of code in the current...


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