Protecting Your Car: Increasing Auto Software Security

Automotive software

The automotive industry has transformed from a hardware based supply chain to hardware with embedded software and a services supply chain model. In the automotive industry there is no room for anything slow especially when it comes to updating software. There are 300 million lines of code in the current...

Harden Your Accelerator Cluster

ElectricAccelerator dramatically accelerates software builds and tests by safely parallelizing jobs across shared clusters of physical or cloud CPU’s.  Although EA is resistant to agent failures, there are steps you can take to harden your cluster. Software builds have joined the ranks of other "mission critical" services.  If you want...

DockerCon Hackathon

This past weekend, I took part in the DockerCon Hackathon with teammates Sid & Nikhil. It was an incredibly rewarding experience and worthy of my first post to the EC blog.   How it works There were 17 teams of 1-3 people.  We had 24 hours to create something showcasing Docker after which we would present...


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