Weekly Top 10: DevOps for Hire


With DevOps continuing to grow in enterprises of all types and sizes, it’s no wonder that a new job market around DevOps is blossoming. If you want to pursue a career as a DevOps engineer, you might be looking at some pretty substantial compensation for your contributions as well. According...

DevOps Enterprise Summit 2015 Videos Are Live!


Miss out on this year’s DevOps Enterprise Summit? Didn’t have a chance to make it to all the presentations on your list? Don’t worry, because we have all of the presentations (and more!) from DOES15 right here. Re-watch your favorite talks, watch exclusive interviews with the speakers, and catch our daily...

Reflections from DOES15: Enabling the Value Stream


October was a big month for DevOps and Continuous Delivery practitioners, especially for the 1,200-plus passionate individuals who gathered in San Francisco for the DevOps Enterprise Summit. We came together not only to celebrate the community-driven movement, but more importantly to learn about the challenges and opportunities facing some of...

Continuous Discussions (#c9d9): Episode 27 Recap – Architecting for Continuous Delivery


To get to CD, applications and delivery pipelines must be architected in a way that supports the more frequent pace of smaller, incremental releases. This morning on Continuous Discussions, we discussed some recommendations for constructing a flexible, version-able, review-able, test-able, revert-able and resilient application architecture and CD pipeline. How do...

What are the challenges and triumphs of DevOps in large enterprises? Watch the replay of the latest video chat with Gene Kim and the #DOES15 speakers


Today we had another great video chat with Gene Kim and the DOES15 Speakers and partners, gearing up for DevOps Enterprise Summit this October. Watch the replay of the video below to learn about the main challenges - and some pathways to success - with implementing DevOps in large enterprises. Hear how...


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