Weekly Top 10: DevOps, Data and Feedback Loops


Data is driving DevOps. From adoption, transformation to fruition, DevOps and its related practices are producing stats and data that stream-in continuously, and commands attention. The potential and ROI of DevOps and Continuous Delivery are by now well recognized. The question is no longer “Should your organization adopt?” but, as Dion Hinchcliffe...

Continuous Discussions (#c9d9): Episode 18 Recap – Ops Monitoring and Continuous Delivery


Earlier today on Continuous Discussions we discussed how Ops Monitoring effects your CD pipeline, and the benefits - and challenges - of "shifting left" to introduce monitoring earlier in your process. Monitoring: Here, There and Everywhere Our panelists addressed 3 key questions: What should you measure? is it infrastructure, performance? app usage? business...

c9d9: Powered by the DevOps Community


DevOps is a team sport. It is all about collaboration: bringing people and teams together, asking questions, being open to feedback, and achieving continuous improvement though shared learning and experimentation. Community is at the core of any DevOps initiative. We are all here to get better at getting awesome code...


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Scaling DevOps webinar featuring Gene Kim
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