Introducing ElectricFlow Community Edition

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve made ElectricFlow DevOps Release Automation Suite free for everyone. The Community Edition provides full product functionality with deployment to 10 servers and 3 applications.  You can download it here. Fueled by the DevOps movement, there is a big surge in demand to automate...

Installation Automation – How Much is Enough?

In a previous post, I addressed the importance of keeping all of the testing environments as similar to the Production environment as possible.  I mentioned that the install should be fully automated - but the question might arise, how much automation is enough? Let's consider this question now: As Martin Fowler states: "You’re doing continuous...

Coordinating IoT Software Releases

Developing software for the Internet of Things (IoT) comes with its own set of challenges.  Security, privacy, and unified standards are a few key issues.  In addition, each IoT product is comprised of at least 3 separate application components: the software embedded in the device, the backend big-data service, and...

How E*Trade, Intel, HP, CenturyLink and Bose Automate All the Things? – Watch the Video

This morning on our video chat with the speakers of DevOps Enterprise Summit, we heard from 5 technology experts leading DevOps in large enterprises about how they Automate All the Things. We learned how automation - and, by extension, Automation-as-a-Service - is used by HP, Intel, E*Trade, CenturyLink and Bose in...

Branching Strategies and Continuous Delivery – By Seb Rose

This is a guest blog post by Seb Rose, who was a panelist on a recent #c9d9 episode on Huge-Scale Deployments. At the CoDe conference in Oslo earlier this year, it became clear that there was disagreement about the role that branches should/could play in Continuous Integration/Delivery. I blogged about this...

ElectricFlow DSL: Process-As-Code for All Your Automation Needs

For the last decade or so, Infrastructure-as-Code has made its way into IT, bringing with it the ability to describe your server configuration and related services in simple scripts that you can easily test, backup, version and reuse. Now that you can describe your server set up as code, it stands to reason...

The most powerful ElectricFlow yet: Announcing ElectricFlow v6.0

Since its introduction a year ago, we’ve added tons of new features to both ElectricFlow and the ElectricCommander platform to help customers tackle important DevOps use cases, including Application Release Automation and Continuous Delivery orchestration. ElectricFlow 6.0 not only rolls up the features of previous Feature Releases into a Long...

Anders Wallgren discusses IoT expansion, and Agile being the way forward for

Our CTO, Anders Wallgren, has been pretty busy lately. In a recent article for TechBeacon, he discusses the proliferation of IoT and its affect on embedded software development. If you are unfamiliar with TechBeacon, it is a digital hub for business and IT professionals seeking guidance to real business challenges....


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