Why You Need a Bill of Materials

In manufacturing, companies are often required to create a Bill of Materials (a BOM) that describes in detail all of the items that are included in a certain deliverable or end product.  In the early days of software development these descriptive documents were sometimes required as people attempted to understand...

Most practical hack @ the Perforce Swarm Hackathon

[EDIT: Nov. 10, 2013 The integration we developed at the hackathon has been open sourced and released: https://github.com/nikhilv/EC-Swarm] This past Friday/Saturday we had the pleasure of attending the Perforce Swarm Hackathon. It was our first overnight hackathon and we didn’t really know what to expect.  Our ‘hack’ was an ElectricCommander integration for...

Q&A from ElectricAccelerator Visual Studio webinar

Earlier today I ran a webinar titled “Accelerating your Visual Studio Build Environment with ElectricAccelerator”. It was a short and concise 20 minute presentation followed by Q&A, highlighting the overall value proposition of ElectricAccelerator while also discussing the new capabilities and features of the ElectricAccelerator Visual Studio Add-in 4.0. The...

Major update to the ElectricAccelerator Visual Studio Integration

Earlier this week, Electric Cloud announced the immediate availability of the ElectricAccelerator Visual Studio Integration v4.0. For any user of ElectricAccelerator in a Visual Stuio environment, this new release contains a number of significant usability and performance enhancing capabilities: Visual Studio IDE Integration Major modernization of the ElectricAccelerator Visual Studio...

Perl best practices part 2: getting Properties

Last week, we explored how to use ElectricCommander properties to ease and speed up your step development. This week, we will build on last week function InvokeCommander(). sub getP() Accessing a property value in ElectricCommander is easy and straightforward. You have several options: Standard substitution: $[/path/to/my/property]. The problem is if...

EC-Admin: administration procedures for new customers

When I started at Electric Cloud and worked with new customers on ElectricCommander implementations, they pretty much all had the same pattern of question: “How do I manage my jobs, clean up my database and my disk partition." The concern was that customers realized that the amount of disk space...

Automation everywhere

Last weekend I was driving back into San Francisco from a day trip to Sausalito.  Usually on weekend evenings there is slow traffic into the city with folks returning from day trips up to Napa, Marin Headlands and points north.  There are also tolls heading into the city that jam...


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