DevOps Predictions for 2017

Wrapping up 2016, we asked our resident DevOps experts to weigh in on where they see DevOps heading in 2017. The following are our predictions, covering Application Release Automation, Microservices and Containers, Continuous Testing, Secure DevOps and more. Growing DevOps Adoption Continued momentum for the growing adoption of DevOps, particularly by large...

The Access Control List (ACL) War

- YEAR 2016. CONFERENCE ROOM AT A LARGE FINANCIAL SERVICES ORGANIZATION - - PROFESSIONAL SERVICES ENGINEER PULLING HIS HAIR - (Yelling) Noooooooooooooo! (room becomes silent, all turn to look at the engineer) AND SO IT BEGINS: Soon - on an ElectricFlow server in a data center near you! OK, enough with...

New! ElectricFlow Container Management Plugins: Deploy to Amazon ECS or Google Container Engine (GKE) with a Click of a Button

As containers and microservices are becoming more mainstream, enterprises are looking into ways of adopting these new technologies - for both new applications, as well as for certain (decomposed) components of their legacy services. A key challenge for these organizations is coordinating and incorporating containers and microservices-based application - with their dedicated...

DevOps: Getting Sh*t Done

I recently joined Electric Cloud to lead Product Marketing. As I finish my second week here, I’m reflecting on what I’m learning from my colleagues, the industry, the market, use cases and Electric Cloud’s technology. It’s impressive, eye opening and has shifted my perception of the IT industry in fundamental...

How Electric Cloud Helps Companies Release Software Faster, and Safer: Watch My Video Interview with

Last month, I had the pleasure of catching up with at their “Santa Clara Editors Day”, where we got to chat about all-things DevOps. Watch the short video interview, to learn about the increased adoption of DevOps; benefits and challenges of a DevOps transformation for large organizations; and how Electric Cloud helps...


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