Harnessing the Cloud for On-Demand Software Testing

Agile testing starts with the developer. And, as coding progresses, the developer builds up an increasingly large set of unit tests. Best practice suggests that all these tests should be run in their entirety. Additionally, some progressive build and DevOps managers encourage developers to run tests more often, even continuously....

Continuous Delivery of Secure Web Applications

One of the premier annual information security events of the year is on this week in San Francisco, RSA Conference. While I've been away from web application security for a while, I've maintained my interest in building secure web applications. This is my time of the year to sync up...

Accelerating Android: Electric Cloud’s Newest Innovation

This past December, I joined Electric Cloud as CEO after many years in the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) space at Serena Software, Skytap, HP/Mercury Interactive and IBM/Rational Software. I made the decision to join Electric Cloud because it has an exceptional team, blue-chip install base and unique, patented technology for...

Android Blog Series – Accelerating the Android Build (Part 4)

========================================================== Edit: New data on Accelerating the Android Build here (October 28, 2013) ========================================================== In previous posts in our Android Software Delivery blog series, we've discussed the high-level business and operational challenges of delivering and releasing Android products (Part 1 and Part 2). We’ve also discussed the challenges involved for...

Android Blog series – Build challenges (Part 3)

As we talk with device vendors and their challenges in releasing high quality products to market timely, the need to address faster and accurate software builds stands out as one of the primary challenges everyone is trying to solve on a daily basis.  Build times, whether, individual developer builds, integration...

The need for speed, planning for parallel test execution

Build is largely a solved problem.  CI is prevalent in the industry, people understand how to speed up builds and frequently if using C/C++ turn to ElectricAccelerator to get fast, reliable builds.  Unfortunately, testing is still a problem. The problem with test automation Compared to build and deployment automation test...

Build-to-ship vs build-to-operate

When discussing software delivery activities, there is often ambiguity when defining the types of software that is delivered, and hence, the delivery pipeline activities that need to be done. Is it embedded? OTS? Enterprise software? Packaged software? Web apps? mobile back-end? Mobile apps (client side)? OS and drivers? Web services?...


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