Live from the Electric Cloud sales kickoff

Twice a year the sales staff get together to discuss strategy, learn new things, drink beer and so on. I have been to 3 SKO events and part way through this SKO I can say that this is the best that I have been to yet. The vision and leadership...

12 Days of Christmas Wrap-Up

Over the past few weeks, we tweeted the 12 Days of Christmas: Electric Cloud Edition. In case you missed it, here’s the recap with a little more information than the 140 characters would allow. ♫ On the twelfth day of Christmas, Electric Cloud gave to me: Twelve Times Faster Builds...

Introducing ElectricCommander 4.2

Electric Cloud is pleased to announce the release of ElectricCommander v4.2. Summary This release brings substantial new functionality to improve software development team productivity and shorten time to value. Among these new features are a redesigned resources page, centralized agent installs and updates, an enhanced security model for agents, a...

DevOps – a controversial term?

Recently I had the pleasure of chatting with a gentleman who had some extremely strong opinions on the use of the term DevOps by vendors.  To put it bluntly, he hated the way vendors are using the term DevOps.  To him, DevOps is purely a mindset, not a product suite...

Android Device Maker Challenges Going Into 2013

Right before Thanksgiving, prominent guests from a major telecommunications and mobile device maker visited Electric Cloud headquarters. As longtime trusted business partners we discussed challenges and opportunities in the market-place, and I just thought I should share some of the key general takeaways, captured in the below photo of our...

Communicating with external systems using ElectricCommander (continued)

In an earlier blog post I covered how to push information from internal systems into ElectricCommander.  Since then we have some new developments which are released already or coming in ElectricCommander 4.2. Jenkins plugin for ElectricCommander The plugin allows ElectricCommander to easily manipulate jobs or get information from a Jenkins...

Advanced Build Cloud resource partitioning and prioritization

With the recent advancement in cloud technology, more and more R&D organizations are looking to optimize and improve their internal development environments by deploying Private Development and Build Clouds – Electric Cloud technology is playing a key part for many in making this happen. As organizations grow their cloud deployments,...


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