Accelerating Time To Market for Android Devices

One billion – it’s a big number. It’s the number of dollars it cost Facebook to purchase Instagram and a little more than 3x the population of the United States. It’s also the number of Android devices expected to be activated within a year. What makes it a staggering figure...

Electric Cloud Customer Summit 2012 by the Numbers

This article was originally published on This month saw the fifth annual Electric Cloud Customer Summit, in many ways the best event yet. Located at the historic Dolce Hayes Mansion in San Jose, California, the 2012 Summit had more presentations, more repeat attendees, and more customer and partner involvement...

Fixing Recursive Make

Our Chief Architect Eric Melski just blogged about the consequences and limitations with correctness and performance when you're dealing with recursive makes, backed up by some interesting metrics and insights. Eric's also detailing how the design of Electric Make in ElectricAccelerator eliminates the biggest problems attributed to recursive make, without...

Design time vs runtime complexity

I've been spending a lot of time using ElectricDeploy recently.  What I really like about ElectricDeploy is the clean separation between design time and runtime actions.  Many products I have used have complexity at design time and carry that complexity through to runtime. I believe we have hit the right...

Deployment automaton, aviation style.

Forester analyst Glenn O'Donnell uses a good analogy when he speaks to describe the importance and value of testing and refining your application deployments before pushing an application to production. To make his point he asks, "What if Boeing didn't test it's plane designs before you flew on them?" So,...

How do you manage your large codebase?

Ever wondered how others manage large and complex software codebases? - how to cope with needs to support a growing range of platforms and variants? - what best practices to put in place to secure long term maintainability? Dr Dobbs just published the article "Building QuickBooks: How Intuit Manages 10...

Practice makes perfect

In the spirit of the Olympics, here’s to what makes true champions. Olympic athletes know the trick to absolutely error-free performance is practice.  Michael Phelps can out-swim the best of them, yet he practices every day to get ready for the big event. He practices the same stance, the same dive, the same...


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