Operations: “On DevOps Tooling”

In DevOps, system-level thinking is important.  But too often Operations teams are on the receiving end of what feels like an unstoppable torrent of new application releases with architecture changes, new tool integration and capacity constraints. Clearly there is room for teams to coordinate the handoff of work in a...

Developers: “On DevOps Tooling”

Organizations of all sizes are under serious pressure to deliver better software faster – and more efficiently. Developers are a creative bunch that can move at warp speed – if you let them. How can the DevOps toolchain help (or hurt) their productivity? And what are engineers thinking about when...

How To: Canary Deployments with ElectricFlow

Aiming to make the most nail biting part of software releases - deployments - as boring, repeatable and push-button as possible, ElectricFlow boasts the industry’s most robust deployment automation feature set. The platform provides several out-of-the-box ways to deploy applications that are designed to take the stress, guess work, and...


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