What’s new with our Perforce plugin

Perforce is one of our most relied upon teir-1 plugins for ElectricCommander.  As such, we are continually updating it with new functionality.  Let's take a look at some of these recent improvements. Back in the spring of this year, we introduced a new “Smart Sync” mechanism with the goal of...

Changing, growing, thriving

Growing, changing, thriving. These three words sum up both Electric Cloud as a company and it’s employees. Now that I’m no longer one of the youngsters, I notice that I am viewing the workplace with a new perspective. One of the things I am really excited about is the growth...


We announced ask.electric-cloud.com at our recent Electric Cloud Summit. Ask is a technical community-driven Q&A site to hold public questions and answers on anything related to ElectricAccelerator, ElectricCommander or ElectricDeploy. The site has been running for a few months and we are already at 300+ questions, with lots of activity...

Pearls from our Annual Summit

We just finished our annual summit a couple of weeks ago. And it was a great opportunity to see our customers & prospects, talk to them about how they are using our solutions today and discuss their visions for the future. While I cannot discuss all the details due to...

Adding Agility and Quality to Android Devices

Earlier this year we announced our partnership with Wind River, an Intel subsidiary. Our joint solution handles a very relevant and hot topic in the mobile space. Solving quality and time to market crisis that Android device manufactures are experiencing. We are excited to present an upcoming joint session where...

Avoiding unintended build serialization

While attending our user summit a couple of weeks back, I had an interesting conversation with one of our customers.  He had expressed excitement over discovering some unintended and unwanted CI build serialization.  In this case, it happened to be in the unit test phase of his build.  They had...

Accelerating Time To Market for Android Devices

One billion – it’s a big number. It’s the number of dollars it cost Facebook to purchase Instagram and a little more than 3x the population of the United States. It’s also the number of Android devices expected to be activated within a year. What makes it a staggering figure...

Electric Cloud Customer Summit 2012 by the Numbers

This article was originally published on blog.melski.net. This month saw the fifth annual Electric Cloud Customer Summit, in many ways the best event yet. Located at the historic Dolce Hayes Mansion in San Jose, California, the 2012 Summit had more presentations, more repeat attendees, and more customer and partner involvement...


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