Dramatically faster builds and tests

Continuous Delivery isn’t continuous if builds and tests take too long to complete. ElectricAccelerator speeds up builds and tests by up to 20X, improving software time to market, infrastructure utilization and developer productivity.


Faster Builds

ElectricAccelerator dramatically speeds up build time by automatically parallelizing the build across clusters of physical or cloud CPUs. This gives software-driven organizations the ability to speed up any number of concurrent builds so they can deliver better software faster.

Faster CI Builds
Dell's success with Continuous Delivery and DevOps Automation
There is really nothing else out there that I am aware of that will allow us to accelerate our builds in the close to seamless way that ElectricAccelerator does. - Mark Fleisher, Build Tools Engineer, Dell Inc.
Accurate Builds

Accurate Builds

Parallelization can expose dependency problems and result in incorrect or broken builds. The patented dependency detection in ElectricAccelerator ensures correct builds.

ElectricAccelerator monitors all of your build and test jobs to discover actual dependencies. ElectricAccelerator uses that information to optimally re-order, parallelize and/or distribute future jobs, reducing your cycle times and improving quality.


Use the Tools You Love

ElectricAccelerator plugs into your existing GNU make, Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft NMAKE environments, with push-button preflight and production builds and tests without modifying existing build scripts and tools.

Centralized Build Server

Build Environment

By running builds on shared resources, ElectricAccelerator improves your infrastructure utilization as well as the manageability of your build efforts across the organization and globally distributed teams.

With ElectricAccelerator you can set up user quotas, manage, report and analyze all of your builds from one central location. This also eliminates friction and bugs caused by inconsistent infrastructure/tools configuration across builds carried out by different teams involved in the delivery process (development, QA, or geographical units.)

Optimize Your Builds

ElectricInsight is a powerful add-on to ElectricAccelerator that provides reporting and optimization tools for complex builds.

ElectricInsight visually analyses your build’s structure and runtime history, providing detailed reporting on the status and health of your builds. This allows for real-time error detection, performance tuning and also complex “what-if” capacity and performance modeling that are completed in seconds.

Analyze your CI Builds

ElectricInsight tells you:


  • Who is building software?
  • Are there gaps where agents are not busy?
  • Where exactly are the dependencies?
  • What software is being built?
  • Which are the longest job chains?
  • If I added more agents to my cluster, how much faster could it go?
  • Which files are being modified (created, updated, deleted) multiple times?
  • Are there any unnecessary serializations that are slowing down the build?
  • How many CPU hours are consumed?

What's Next?

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