Shared visibility and control over enterprise DevOps tools and CD pipelines

ElectricFlow orchestrates and automates all of your DevOps tools in the software delivery processes from code check-in through release. ElectricFlow boosts productivity, lowers costs, eliminates risks of failed releases, and decreases time it takes to deliver new capabilities to customers.

Unified DevOps. For Real.

Automate and orchestrate software delivery to bridge the gap between Dev and Ops.

  • Model: Pipeline Models allow you to define your end-to-end software delivery process – encompassing all the teams, tools, stages, tasks, approval gates, artifacts and environments involved in this process. Modeling your application, environments and pipeline enables reuse and consistency.
  • Automate: Automate and orchestrate your entire toolchain and workflows to eliminate manual handoffs and silos of automation to accelerate your pipeline and improve quality.
  • Integrate: Be able to support off-the-shelf plugins, robust DSL and APIs allow for extensibility and flexibility, making it easy to tie-in any tool chain, technology stack or cloud resources to gain shared control and visibility.
  • Govern: Role-based access control, approval gateways and automatic logging ensure security, visibility and compliance for governance and auditability.
  • Scale: Ensure HA and scale jobs and workloads predictably and efficiently across pools of on-premises or cloud resources.

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Automate builds and tests to make complex processes efficient and auditable.

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Manage traditional and CD releases from a single, unified view.

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A unified view across Dev, Ops and the Business

DevOps platform that supplies unified view across your software pipeline

ElectricFlow provides a dashboard with intuitive workflow visualization, as well as real-time and historical trend reporting.

  •  Real-time insights into cloud environments, application versions, artifacts, resource usage, pending approvals and running tasks provides traceability to identify exceptions and maintain compliance.
  • Faster feedback and an accurate understanding of current progress or historical workflow status for Dev, QA and Ops
  • Aggregated view of data from all your tools and processes helps spot trends and bottlenecks.
  • System-wide view of exceptions helps maintain compliance for critical software development processes
  • Email notifications with in-context drill-downs keep interested devs, ops and executives apprised of successes, failures and trends.

Continue to use the tools that you know and love.

ElectricFlow has hundreds of plugins for popular CI, CD, CM tools.

Plug existing tools into a single powerful layer of governance, reporting and control. Leverage our library of off-the-shelf plugins or dig into our Groovy-based DSL, CLI or APIs to gain programmatic control over legacy tools, resources and processes.

Family-Search journey with DevOps Automation
ElectricFlow allows us to dynamically create additional procedures based upon the project you are trying to build — essentially allowing us to automate our automation. - Bob Hartley, Development Manager, FamilySearch

Works with the Clouds and Configuration Management tools you already use

With support for multiple cloud services, ElectricFlow enables self-service provisioning and consistent environments across private and public clouds. Abstract away the complexity and enable usage of hybrid cloud environments. Operations can stop worrying about vm-sprawl, since resources are automatically discarded when no longer needed.

Flexibly model existing workflow

Visually model complex pipelines and define parameterized, data-driven and reusable workflows to drive repeatability, predictability and auditability. Streamline handoffs between teams for an optimized, efficient path to production with optional manual gates.



Scale up safely

Predictably orchestrate any volume of workflows simultaneously and efficiently across pools of public, private or static resources thanks to clustered, fault-tolerant active/active configurations to ensure high-availability and continued service. Horizontal scalability allows a linear “scale-out” to manage any volume of parallel processes and tasks.


Securely govern users

Plug in to existing LDAP or AD systems to simplify the enforcement of enterprise security policy and entitlements. Flexible, role-based approval and access controls allow you to define granular entitlements for actions, applications and environments. Workflow execution impersonation gives entitled users access to privileged workflows without requiring privileged access.

ElectricFlow can be installed on-premises for added security, but can deploy apps anywhere: on-premise servers, on-premise virtual servers, private clouds, or in the public cloud.

ElectricFlow Release will help us know exactly what software is installed where, and how it got there. This will reduce the risk of releasing the wrong version of the software to the wrong environment. - Marc Priolo, Software Configuration Manager, Urban Science

Share and Stage Artifacts

Store and manage libraries, binaries and other shared objects once, from a built-in centralized location, or using pre-built integrations with well-known repositories like Artifactory or Nexus. Standardization ensures information consistency, accuracy and auditability across deployments and environments. Pre-stage artifacts to accelerate releases and minimize downtime.

Define your automation as code

For those times when complex processes can better be represented as code, ElectricFlow provides a domain specific language (DSL). This allows you to define your automation processes as high-level code that is versionable, testable, and reusable. ElectricFlow’s DSL is based on the widely known ‘Groovy’ language.

Continuous Delivery isn’t continuous if jobs are lost in-flight. Electric Cloud provides high-availability for jobs and workflows, ensuring that once a critical process has been started, it will be completed. - Sasamka Mone, Software Engineer, Broadcom Corporation

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