Make Continuous Delivery a Reality

ElectricFlow is a suite of products providing the only end-to-end Continuous Delivery solution designed to automate software delivery through build, test and deployment.

Let it flow

Staying competitive in today’s software economy means continually optimizing your software delivery process. ElectricFlow gives Dev & Ops teams the shared control, visibility and domain-specific capabilities required to automate build, test and deployment processes at scale.

With ElectricFlow, software delivery is repeatable, visible, scalable and routine giving organizations accelerated time to market and increased quality, while reducing costs.

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The Pipeline

The flow of value in a continuous delivery system is embodied by pipeline that relies on a blend of tools, technology, approvals and process workflow.

ElectricFlow gives Dev & Ops teams the ability to quickly model, action and monitor hundreds of delivery pipelines with a shared, visual model of the end-to-end build-test-deploy process. This centralized visibility and control allows teams to more efficiently manage and track application release.

Switch on Your Software Pipeline With ElectricFlow

No matter where you are on your journey to Continuous Delivery, ElectricFlow can help.

Continuous Delivery isn’t continuous if jobs are lost in-flight. Electric Cloud provides high-availability for jobs and workflows, ensuring that once a critical process has been started, it will be completed. - Sasamka Mone, Software Engineer, Broadcom Corporation

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