Flexible, predictable enterprise build-test.

ElectricFlow Build-Test automates and standardizes the software build and test production process for even the largest, most complex organizations – providing reduced costs, increase quality, reliability and traceability, and accelerate time to market.

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Extreme flexibility allows you to automate ANY workflow

Your product is unique. So is your process. There’s no need to learn a new tool or language just to achieve build process automation, A graphical editor allows you to graphically model even the most complex build-test workflow definitions. It is process agnostic, so it can effectively support any development process whether it be an Agile methodology, classic waterfall, or anything in between.

Reusable and dynamic data-driven processes

ElectricFlow makes it easy  for teams to create re-usable best-practice workflows. Flexible properties and dynamic job step creation, including nested procedures, allows parameterized workflow factories to set up hundreds of similar workflows with ease.

Eliminate manual handoffs

Process doesn’t have to be painful. With ElectricFlow, the build and test process disappears and software is efficiently orchestrated down any pipeline flow you define.  As mundane tasks become automated and more efficient, wasted time is eliminated- freeing your developers to focus on their code, rather than on the infrastructure or process red-tape.

ElectricFlow gives us faster time to market with higher quality releases. - Manish Aggarwal, QA Lead, Intel

Manual Approval Gates

Sometimes you need a human to flip the switch. Manual gates make it easy to provide another level of control over your supercharged pipeline with manual approvals.

Keep your builds green with preflight checks

ElectricFlow allows automated preflight builds and tests, giving developers the power to compile and test changes across all target environments before check-in. This provides instant feedback to the developers, and reduces the impact an error in the build process will have on the rest of the team. Preflight builds enable effective continuous  integration even in the most complex environments.

CI Preflight builds

Plugin the tools your team already loves.

ElectricFlow works the way you do. It plugs right in to your favorite IDE, including Eclipse and Visual Studio, as well as leading SCM, compilers, automated test tools and infrastructure platforms. Completely platform and tool agnostic, it supports any heterogeneous, multi-core infrastructure.

"Environments on demand" speed testing

ElectricFlow provides on-demand access to any combination of hardware, configuration, and application for testing, troubleshooting, or production deployment. The ability to create consistent environments increases repeatability and eliminates wait times. ElectricFlow makes the application development process run faster and with fewer errors while ensuring compute resources are utilized more efficiently.

Fast, full feedback

Real-time log file analysis pulls out key metrics from all  of your tools, giving everyone from developers to business owners visibility into the end-to-end pipeline process. Represented in a graphical pipeline or workflow view, it is updated in real time to provide DevOps teams current job status and workflow history. Single-click drill-down to build and test job logs and statistics (number of compilations, tests run, or test failures) enable rapid problem-solving.

Security, traceability and governance

ElectricFlow monitors each release candidates progress as it flows through the software pipeline, from check-in, through the build process, testing and deployment. This makes understanding the “who, what, where and when” of updates to software easily traceable.

Security, traceability and governance

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Download the Community Edition

(Runs on VirtualBox)

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