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Automated, predictable deployments

ElectricFlow is a unified DevOps Release Automation platform that supports the entire end-to-end software development and delivery process.  ElectricFlow Deploy is built on top of this powerful platform to automate deployments to accelerate time to market, reduce delivery costs, and increase quality, reliability and traceability.

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Let it Flow

Differentiated ARA

Gain shared visibility and control of your entire software development and delivery process with the industry’s only DevOps Release Automation platform.  Tightly integrate ARA with Agile, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Testing automation to provide complete end-to-end automation.





Model your Deployments

Simple. Fast. Efficient.

Make deployments manageable, reproducible, and error-proof by modeling the application, the environments that it will be deployed to, and automating the workflow needed for deployment.





Reduce. Reuse. De-risk!

Smart Deploy detects drift between what is about to be deployed and what is already deployed to an environment, and then automatically deploys only what has changed. This significantly reduces the risk associated with deployments as well as improves deployment time.

Your Tools, Your Way

When one size doesn’t fit all.

Flexibility reigns. Continue to use your favorite CI tools, CM tools, or your home-grown scripts. ElectricFlow Deploy connects  these together giving you a single place to orchestrate your deployments end-to-end.  List of plugins.

Shared control and visibility

Deployments, under control.

Need to roll-back to an earlier version? Need to track multiple versions deployed to multiple environments? Need to report on this all?

ElectricFlow deployment automation solution gives DevOps teams an easy way to view the status of critical components (applications, infrastructure, and processes) that define a successful application release.

  • Understand what is deployed where
  • Track the release candidates through required stages and environments
  • See the entire deployment, across all systems, from one place

What's Next?


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Download the Community Edition

(Runs on VirtualBox)

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ARA Buyer’s Checklist

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