ElectricFlow DevOps Automation Platform

ElectricCommander gives distributed teams shared control and visibility into infrastructure, tool chains and processes. It accelerates and automates the software delivery process to enable agility, predictability and security across many build-test-deploy pipelines.


ElectricCommander provides:


  • Workflow automation regardless of development methodology or process
  • Faster cycle time and more efficient use of IT infrastructure
  • Centralized management of software artifacts



  • Visibility and reporting for project predictability and fewer process errors
  • A shared platform for disseminating best practices and standardizing  common procedures
  • Security and scalability to support geographically distributed teams
ElectricFlow DevOps Automation Platform

Automate Everything

ElectricCommander makes it easy to create a visual model of your entire pipeline, defining parameterized and reusable workflows that can be run across dynamic pools of shared resources. End-to-end automation delivers:

  • Consistent, reusable and repeatable processes that provide predictability and auditability
  • Streamlined handoff between teams for optimized, efficient workflows with optional manual gates

Plug in your existing tools

ElectricCommander lets you extend your existing tooling and infrastructure (including Jenkins, Selenium, Chef and EC2, and all the REST!) into a single powerful layer of governance, reporting and control. Leverage our off-the-shelf  plugins or use CLI, SSH, REST, HTTP or proprietary APIs to create bi-directional communication and control for existing tools, resources and processes.


Automate all your DevOps toolschain
Family-Search journey with DevOps Automation
ElectricCommander allows us to dynamically create additional procedures based upon the project you are trying to build — essentially allowing us to automate our automation. - Bob Hartley, Development Manager, FamilySearch

A unified view across Dev, Ops and the Business

ElectricCommander provides a dashboard with intuitive workflow visualization, as well as real-time and historical trend reporting.

  • Faster feedback and an accurate understanding of current progress or historical workflow status for Dev, QA and Ops
  • Aggregated view of data from all your tools and processes helps spot trends and bottlenecks.
  • System-wide view of exceptions helps maintain compliance for critical software development processes
DevOps platform that supplies unified view across your software pipeline
Centralized management of your DevOps tools

Centralized management of shared resources

Centrally manage pools of dedicated or dynamic infrastructure to power software deliver. ElectricCommander can:

  • Automatically allocated resources and parallelize/distribute time-consuming work across them to dramatically accelerate processing
  • Provision and de-commission resources automatically to increase resource utilization and eliminate virtual machine sprawl
  • Deliver consistent dev, test and production environments on-demand, to eliminate waiting and deployment errors due to configuration drift

Automation that never fails

Continuous Delivery isn’t continuous if jobs are lost in-flight or if engineers must wait for their jobs to be started because your infrastructure can not accommodate the throughput requirements.

  • Clustered, fault-tolerant active/active configuration ensures high-availability and continued service
  • Horizontal scalability allows a linear “scale-out” of ElectricCommander servers to manage any volume of parallel processes and tools
ElectricFlow DevOps Automation that Never Fails
Shared Artifacts Repository for DevOps Automation

Shared artifacts

ElectricCommander’s artifact management enables users to improve predictability and traceability of application components and also improves cross-team collaboration by sharing approved artifacts.

  • Store and manage all your libraries, binaries and other shared objects only once, from one centralized location
  • Standardization ensures information consistency, accuracy and auditability
  • Built-in version control and permission-based access

Governance and compliance

Controlling and tracking who does what, and when, is a critical  part of ensuring compliance in heavily regulated industries. With ElectricCommander, teams get:

  • Secure handling of passwords and credentials
  • LDAP and AD authentication and fine-grained access control lists to allow secure collaboration & reuse
  • Workflow execution impersonation gives entitled users access to privileged workflows without requiring privileged access
DevOps Automation platform provides audit trail

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