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Scaling DevOps and Continuous Delivery – Featuring Gene Kim

Join Gene Kim, CTO, researcher and author of the best selling book “The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win” and Anders Wallgren, CTO of Electric Cloud as they share their tips for overcoming the challenges of DevOps and Continuous Delivery at scale.

Application Release Automation: Understanding the Needs for Modern Service Delivery

June 30, 11:30AM PDT | Featuring: Forrester Research

Join Amy DeMartine, Sr. Analyst at Forrester research and Rohit (RJ) Jainendra, Chief Product Officer at Electric Cloud, as they discuss how ARA solutions eliminate error-prone manual work, decrease risk and increase uptime, the critical features required from an ARA solution.


Gartner Webinar: Deploy Better Software, Faster

How can IT keep up with the demands of the business and play a central role in growing the enterprise? Join Gartner’s Ronni Colville and Electric Cloud on a webinar, where we discuss the benefits and best practices for DevOps in the Enterprise; the role of ARA, and other tools and cultural changes needed to achieve success.

White Papers and Reports

Top 6 Benefits of an End-to-End DevOps Automation Solution

Enterprise DevOps initiatives require a unifying approach that coordinates, automates, and manages a disparate set of tools and processes across the enterprise.

Learn about the benefits of a unifying approach to DevOps.

Integrating Configuration Management into your Application Release

While there are no tools that can magically help you “achieve DevOps,” having the right tools facilitates organizational agility. This e-book examines the benefits of combining Application Release Automation and Configuration Management tools to help streamline the continuous delivery of software.

Enterprise Continuous Integration

Finding Flow at Scale

You can’t practice DevOps or Continuous Delivery without Continuous Integration. Discover the critical aspects of a truly enterprise-grade Continuous Integration system.

Continuous Delivery 101

CMake Acceleration – Get Faster, Accurate CMake Builds – Guaranteed.

Are you using CMake to generate your build files? Check out this simple step-by-step tutorial for accelerating your CMake builds  – for free – using Huddle.

Build Automation: 3 Critical Problems and How to Solve Them

Get Quick Fixes and Tips for Addressing the Most Critical Build Problems

Continuous Integration Best Practices

Are you really practicing the principles of Continuous Integration? Learn best practices to align your CI processes to realize the vision of Martin Fawler.

Industry Reports

Forrester Wave: Application Release Automation

Download the full Forrester Wave research report to learn about the characteristics that large organizations pay attention to for ARA solutions; How Electric Cloud leads the market with our strategy and vision for Enterprise ARA and How well Electric Cloud’s ARA solution stacks up to the competition.

Bring More Agility to Embedded Engineering — VDC

Agile methodologies originally emerged from the enterprise/IT software development world to address the increased volume and velocity of change in code bases. Adoption increased as more organizations recognized the potential of iterative development methods and the restrictions of inflexible development workflows.

DevOps: Advances in Release Management & Automation – Ovum

DevOps originated with operations as a means of streamlining and improving the effectiveness of operations. Traditionally operations had the time to deal with application stability, risk, and performance issues separately from infrastructure management and procurement tasks.

Product Documentation and Demos

ElectricAccelerator Datasheet

ElectricAccelerator® dramatically speeds up software builds by automatically distributing build jobs over scalable resource clouds and multi-core desktops as well as accelerates builds by skipping unnecessary work with its JobCache smart object file caching option. It enables development organizations to improve software time to market, increase infrastructure utilization, and enhance developer productivity.

ElectricFlow-Deploy Datasheet

Automated, Repeatable Deployments in a Snap.

Training Videos

Check out the technical training videos to learn how to create a workflow in ElectricCommander, troubleshoot a failed build with ElectricAccelerator, configure SCM, and more.