Release Management

Control and track applications as they are promoted along the path to production

Shipping code is the killer feature. Until code is deployed and accessible by users, no value has been created. But coordinating release activities and approvals for both traditional and CD pipelines across multiple teams and shared infrastructure is a logistical challenge. Organizations want a way to manage their enterprise traditional releases and CD pipelines in a scalable, auditable and predictable way.
Electric Cloud can help.

Release Management

Before Electric Cloud

  • Icon Difficulty planning, tracking and communicating release status.
  • Icon Tracking and enforcing approvals as well as ensuring compliance with ITIL processes at scale.
  • Icon Inability to know “what” is approved to be deployed “where” makes planning and auditing difficult.

With Electric Cloud

  • Icon Shared visibility of health and status of multiple releases eliminates blind-spots, keeps the process moving, and provides auditability.
  • Icon Approvals gates to control promotion of packages allows auditability without restricting velocity. Integrations with ITSM systems ensures process compliance and visibility.
  • Icon UI-based automation and dashboards provide at-a-glance visibility for approvals. “Path-to-production” view shows if what is deployed in an environment is compliant with the release manifest.

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