Release automation is the process of automatically packaging and deploying applications or updates of applications, from development through testing and ultimately to production.
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Release Automation Overview

Release automation (also known as Application Release Automation or ARA) is the process of automatically packaging and deploying an application or update of an application from development, though testing stages such as QA, integration testing and user acceptance testing, and ultimately to production. It comprises tools and practices that help organizations perform release management in a more efficient and timely manner, releasing software to production more often and increasing the quality of those releases.

Many organizations have only partial automation of their release processes. Increasingly, tools and processes are emerging to enable automation of the entire release process from end to end, thus making it possible to release to the market any software fix or feature as soon as it is developed. This is known as Continuous Delivery, and in its extreme form, Continuous Deployment.

A key focus of release automation is deployment automation. Possibly the most complex part of managing a release lies in setting up the environments on which the application needs to be installed at each stage of its lifecycle, and correctly installing the application with all its components and dependencies, to ensure it is tested correctly, and works correctly in production.

Application Release Automation tools enable organizations to model the complex environments and installation requirements of their software releases. They often include workflow engines to assist in automating and tracking human activities. 

Key Topics in Release Automation

Definitions of Release Automation

Gartner Magic Quadrant: Application Release Automation

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Gartner Magic Quadrant: Application Release Automation

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