Resources explaining how applications are deployed on IaaS, PaaS, private, public and hybrid clouds.

Cloud Application Deployment

Perspectives on Cloud Application Deployment

L;;How to build cloud-specific automations in a DevOps pipeline;;David Linthicum;2016;;;There are two growing trends in cloud computing right now: the use of DevOps, as both an approach and mechanism to build and deploy applications, and deployment of those applications to more than one provider or type of cloud services. Organizations that are driving a new DevOps strategy need to account for this multi-cloud application deployment. The DevOps tools you use must be able to reliably deploy code to private, public, and hybrid clouds, as well as different service providers, such as OpenStack, Amazon Web Services, Google, and HPE.

L;;A CFO's five-point cloud deployment checklist;;Dan Sullivan;NA;;;Executives may be confident that their IT staff has done technical due diligence in assessing cloud providers, implementation options and technical choices for the organization, but what about nontechnical considerations? While cost advantages of cloud computing may appeal to executives, nontechnical issues can influence the bottom line for delivering business services. Pass this five-point to-do list to your chief financial officer (CFO) to guide him when assessing possible cloud computing options.

L;;New EMC Open Source Tool Opens Massive Possibilities for Simple App Deployment to the Cloud and IoT Devices - IOT League;;NA;2016;;;

L;;Mindjet's Spigit Migrates from Heroku to IBM Bluemix, Cuts Deployment Time to Seconds;;Carlo Gutierrez;2016;;

L;;Why Automation Must Be Top-of-Mind for True Cloud Adoption;;NA;2016;;;

L;;Cloud Application Deployment: 10 Deadly Sins to Avoid;;Chris Preimesberger;NA;;;

L;;Cloud application deployment challenges;;NA;NA;;

L;;Operational Concepts and Tasks for Developers Getting Started with Cloud Applications;;NA;2016;;;

L;;Survey on cloud application deployment;;NA;NA;;

L;;The 4 Primary Cloud Deployment Models;;NA;NA;;

L;;The Simplest Way to Build and Deploy Web Applications to the Cloud? Use PaaS and Cloud IDEs!;;NA;NA;;

L;;Book: Distributed Application Deployment under SLA in Federated Heterogeneous Clouds;;NA;NA;;

L;;Cloud Services Definition;;NA;2016;;;The term cloud services is a broad category that encompasses the myriad IT resources provided over the internet. The expression may also be used to describe professional services that support the sele

L;;Cloud-First as an Enterprise Strategy;;Vadym Fedorov;2016;;

L;;The Twelve-Factor App - methodology for building SaaS apps;;Adam Wiggins;NA;;

L;;How to Build a DevOps Pipeline for Multi-Cloud App Deployment;;David Linthicum;2016;;

L;;Software Deployment Models - Cloud Application Deployment;;NA;2016;;

L;;Opinionated Deployment Tools and Kubernetes;;NA;NA;;;

L;;More and more enterprises are choosing the cloud as their method of deploying software, but they need help;;NA;2016;;;

L;;Software deployments are moving to the cloud, fast;;NA;2016;;;

How To

L;;Automated Deployment to SOA Cloud Services using Developer Cloud Services;;NA;2016;;;The process of deploying SOA Projects to Oracle SOA Cloud Services (SOACS) can be significantly simplified and streamlined using the Oracle Developer Cloud Services (DevCS) by facilitating the inbuilt

L;;Starting Restarting and Restaging Applications;;NA;2016;;;

L;;Create an Elastic Beanstalk IIS or .NET Application Package and Deploy Using AWSDeploy;;NA;2016;;;How do I use MSDeploy or MSBuild to create an Elastic Beanstalk application package for IIS or .NET and publish this package to a new or existing Elastic Beanstalk environment? Although using Visual S

L;;Deploying to a DigitalOcean Droplet;;NA;2016;;;DigitalOcean is an amazing cloud hosting provider. They provide SSD-based cloud servers for as little as $5 in different data centers, and you can get your server up and running in a matter of minutes

L;;IntelliJ IDEA - Run/Debug Configuration: Heroku Deployment;;NA;2016;;;Heroku Deployment run/debug configurations let you deploy your code and application artifacts to Heroku. They also let you debug your applications. For Heroku Deployment run/debug configurations to be

L;;Nano Server Domain Join (Deployment at Scale - an Introduction);;NA;2016;;;Over a series of blog posts we will describe a solution for how to deploy Nano Server at scale using Microsoft tools. The blog posts are: As we are in the final leg of Windows Server 2016 development,

L;; Quickstart for Go in the App Engine Flexible Environment;;NA;2016;;;

L;;Deploy an Application - Pivotal Web Services;;NA;2016;;;

L;;IntelliJ IDEA 2016.3 :Run/Debug Configuration: Google App Engine Deployment;;NA;2016;;;

L;;Creating Your First Data Model in Azure Analysis Services;;NA;2016;;;

L;;Deploying a Mendix App to IBM Bluemix;Creating your first data model in Azure Analysis Services;NA;2016;;;This how-to will focus on deploying to the IBM Bluemix platform. This how-to will teach you how to do the following: Before starting this how-to, make sure you have completed the following prerequisit

L;;How Do You Host Your Website on Google App Engine?;;NA;2016;;;

L;;Better Application Deployment with DigitalOcean, Terraform, Ansible and Docker;;NA;2016;;;

L;;DevOps for Web Development: Deploying Applications in AWS Azure and Docker;;NA;2016;;;


Case Studies

L;;How We Build and Deploy Code to the Cloud at Netflix;;NA;2016;;

L;;Private Cloud PaaS - Accelerating Application Deployment at Intel;;NA;NA;;

Academic Papers

L;;PDF: Minimizing Deployment Cost of Cloud-Based Web Application with
Guaranteed QoS;;Seyedehmehrnaz Mireslami, Logan Rakai, Mea Wang, Behrouz Homayoun Far;2015;;



L;;Software Deployment Methods - TPI Healthcare Private Cloud;;NA;NA;;

General Checklists

L;;A security expert's checklist for deploying software as a service;;Barmak Meftah;;;

L;;Checklist: Managing applications in the cloud;;Dan Sullivan;NA;;

Specific Technologies

L;;Elastic Beanstalk - Deploying a Web App Using Elastic Beanstalk - Getting Started with AWS;;NA;NA;;

L;;CodeDeploy - Overview of the AWS CodeDeploy APIs;;NA;2016;;

L;;Kentiko - Deploying to Microsoft Azure - Know Your Web Hosting Options;;NA;2016;;;Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform for hosting and managing applications and services.  When you want to host your project on Microsoft Azure, you first need to decide which hosting option is the mo

L;;continuousPHP - Deploy on Heroku;;NA;2016;;;This tutorial explains the deployment in a testing environment. You can use it as a base for any other environment you might need. So let's start and create an Heroku application for your testing envi

L;;Elastic Beanstalk - Develop, Test, and Deploy;;NA;NA;;

L;;Deploying Applications to AWS Elastic Beanstalk Environments;;NA;NA;;;

L;;Progress - Skeleton Application;;NA;NA;;

L;;Salt/Docker - Automating application deployments across clouds with Salt and Docker;;NA;NA;;

L;;Vagrant/Puppet - Automating Development Environments with Vagrant and Puppet;;NA;NA;;

L;;Cloud Tenant - Deploying applications as a cloud tenant;;NA;2016;;;

L;;New Relic/Ruby - Recording deployments with the New Relic Ruby agent;;NA;2016;;

L;;Appcito, Chef - Deployment for Cloud Apps;;NA;NA;;

L;;Netflix Spinnaker - A multi-cloud Continuous Delivery platform for releasing software changes in various cloud environments;;Brian Gracely;2015;;

L;;CloudFormation, Security Monkey - Security Monkey deployment with CloudFormation template;;NA;2016;;

L;;OpenStack automation with cloud deployment tools;;NA;NA;;;

L;;An Evaluation of OpenStack Deployment Frameworks » OpenStack Open Source Cloud Computing Software;;NA;NA;;;

L;;Deploying OpenStack: Learning Environments (Manual Setup);;NA;NA;;;

L;;Understanding Deployment Tool Options - Salesforce;;NA;NA;;;

L;;Automated Deployments of vRealize Automation for vCloud Air Network;;;;

L;;Demystifying Automation and Deployment in Azure;;;;;

Specific Environments

L;;Google Cloud Platform - Deployment and management of Google Cloud Platform resources;;NA;NA;;

L;;AWS - Application Hosting;;NA;NA;;

L;;App Engine Flexible Environment;;NA;2016;;;

L;;Autodeploy from GitHub Using AWS CodeDeploy;;NA;2016;;;AWS CodeDeploy is part of Amazon deployment services which can be used to deploy your application across EC2 instances. This post will walk you through how to setup aws codedeploy for you application

L;;Deploy a New Sitecore Environment to Azure App Service;;NA;2016;;;You use the Sitecore Azure Provisioning Toolkit to deploy a new Sitecore environment to Microsoft Azure App Service. This topic describes how to: Sitecore Azure Toolkit by default supports three Sitec

L;;AWS - Deployment tools: choosing the right application service;;David Clinton;NA;;

L;;AWS - Standalone Deployment Tool - AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio;;NA;;;

L;;Heroku - Deploying with Git;;NA;2016;;;

L;;Azure - Deploy a guest executable to Service Fabric;;NA;2016;;;

L;;Haskell on AWS - AWS CodeDeploy - Package Specification;;NA;2016;;;

L;;Essential - Guide: How To Deploy Application on Essential Cloud;;NA;2016;;;

L;;Amazon Web Services - Strategies for web application deployment on Amazon Web Services;;NA;2016;;;

L;;AWS/CloudFormation, EC2, ELB - Two Approaches to Elastic Load Balancers in CloudFormation Deployment;;NA;2016;;

L;;Azure - How to create and deploy a cloud service;;NA;NA;;

L;;Swisscom Developer Portal - Application Cloud;;NA;NA;;

L;;Azure - Basic Microsoft Azure App Service Automation - Supports deployment of a zip archive to Azure App Service via Git from within Node.js;;NA;2016;;;

L;;AWS - CloudFormation and AWS deployment automation;;NA;2016;;;

L;;Azure - How to use Azure Resource Manager templates to deploy Resources to Azure - with Azure PowerShell, Azure CLI REST API, or Azure portal;;NA;2016;;

L;;Cloud Foundry - Deploy an Application in Cloud Foundry;;NA;NA;;

L;;Azure - Deploying a web application in Microsoft Azure;;NA;2016;;;

L;;Cloud Foundry - Deploying to Cloud Foundry from STS;;NA;;;

L;;AWS/CloudFormation - Configuration Management & Cloud Orchestration;;NA;NA;;

L;;AWS, Rails - Deploy a Rails application to AWS - using VPC EC2 RDS and ELB;;Cloves Carneiro Jr;2016;;

L;;AWS/Cloud Foundry - Deploying Cloud Foundry on AWS;;NA;2016;;

L;;AWS, EC2 - Deploy API on Amazon EC2 with 3scale;;NA;2016;;

L;;Helion Stackato/Cloud Foundry - General Application Deployment to HPE Helion Stackato 3.6.2 or Cloud Foundry;;NA;2016;;

L;;Modulus/Meteor - How to deploy Meteor application to the Modulus public cloud platform;;NA;2016;;

L;;Pivotal Web Services/Cloud Foundry - Deploying with Application Manifests;;NA;2016;;

L;;HARNESS - Application deployment on Grid'5000;;NA;2016;;

L;;HARNESS - Deploying and Executing Reverse-Time Migration (HPC) on the HARNESS Cloud Platform;;NA;2016;;

L;;OpenShift, Python - Python Deployment Information on OpenShift;;NA;2016;;

L;;OpenShift, Spring Boot - How to deploy Spring Boot applications to OpenShift;;Benedikt Ritter;2016;;

L;;AWS, Rails - How to Deploy a Simple Database-Backed Rails Application to AWS Using Otto;;Vinoth kumar;2016;;

L;;Cloud Foundry, Spring Boot - The Spring Boot Dashboard in STS: Working with Cloud Foundry manifest files;;Mertin Lippert;2016;;

L;;AWS - Deploy Applications to AWS Cloud in a Jiffy;;NA;2016;;

L;;Oracle Java Cloud, AWS EC2 - Application deployment to Oracle Java Cloud instance using XL Deploy on AWS EC2;;NA;2016;;

L;;Azure App Service - Deployment Types And FTP Credential Types;;NA;2016;;;

L;;Azure, KUDU - Azure App Service And KUDU - The Deployment Framework;;NA;2016;;;

L;;Cloud Foundry - Using Blue-Green Deployment to Reduce Downtime and Risk;;NA;2016;;;

L;;Cloud Foundry - Deploy an Application with Cloud Foundry;;NA;2016;;

L;;Azure - Microsoft Application Deployment via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS);;NA;NA;;;

L;;AWS - Infrastructure Automation - Deploying ClusterControl and MySQL-based systems on AWS using Ansible;;NA;2016;;;

L;;Amazon GameLift - Automating Deployments to Amazon GameLift;;NA;2016;;;

L;;Cloud Integrated Advanced Orchestrator (ciao) - Deploying ciao via automation;;NA;2016;;;

L;;AWS - Custom Elastic Beanstalk Application Deployments;;NA;2016;;;

L;;Bluemix - Discussion: Go application deployment in Bluemix fails;;NA;2016;;;

L;;Heroku - How to Deploy Django Applications on Heroku;;NA;2016;;;

L;;Meteor - How to deploy Meteor application to the Modulus platform;;NA;2016;;;

L;;Heroku or Docker - How to Deploy Node.js with Heroku or Docker;;NA;2016;;;

L;;Google Cloud AppEngine - Deploying Ratpack Applications to Google Cloud AppEngine;;NA;2016;;;

L;;Cloud Foundry - Using Blue-Green Deployment to Reduce Downtime and Risk;;NA;2016;;;

L;;Pivotal Cloud Foundry - Troubleshooting Application Deployment and Health;;NA;2016;;;

L;;App Engine - Deploying the app to App Engine;;NA;2016;;;

Tools and Services

L;;Asgard: Web-based Cloud Management and Deployment;;NA;NA;;

L;;Bitnami - deploy 130+ apps on the cloud;;NA;NA;;

L;;Application Packaging and Orchestartion for Cloud Providers;;NA;NA;;

See full list of Tools for Cloud Application Deployment


L;;Microsoft Cloud Learning Center;;;;;

L;;AWS Elastic Beanstalk vs OpsWorks vs CloudFormation - Certification Questions;;NA;2016;;;AWS Elastic Beanstalk is a higher level service which allows you to quickly deploy out with minimum management effort a web or worker based environments using EC2, Docker using ECS, Elastic Load Balan


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