Continuous Deployment is the practice of continuously pushing to production new versions of software under development.

Continuous Deployment

Continuous Deployment Overview

Continuous Deployment is the practice of continuously pushing to production new versions of software under development. In organizations like Facebook and Amazon, software is deployed thousands of times each day.

Continuous Deployment vs. Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery

  • Continuous Integration is a software development practice in which you build and unit-test software every time a developer checks in new code.
  • Continuous Delivery (CD) is a software development practice in which continuous integration, automated testing, and automated deployment capabilities allow software to be developed and deployed rapidly, reliably and repeatedly with minimal manual overhead.
  • Continuous Deployment - Continuous Deployment is a software development practice in which every code change goes through the entire pipeline and is put into production, automatically, resulting in many production deployments every day.

 With Continuous Delivery your software is always release-ready, yet the timing of when to push it into production is a business decision, and so the final deployment is a manual step. With Continuous Deployment, any updated working version of the application is automatically pushed to production. Continuous Deployment mandates Continuous Delivery, but the opposite is not required.

Overviews of Continuous Deployment and Benefits

L;;Webinar: Learn about Urban Science's journey to "Automating Everything" on their path to Continuous Deployment and Delivery;;NA;NA;;;This talk was given at the 2014 DevOps Enterprise Summit (#DOES14) Urban Science is a business-solutions company focused on supporting the needs of the sales and marketing function of the automotive industry. Urban Science's solution delivery challenges stems from having dozens of products branched dozens of times.
L;;Detailed reference card on Continuous Delivery patterns and anti-patterns with sections on deployment automation and the deployment pipeline;;Paul Duvall;NA;;;Minimize the time it takes to go from idea to usable software. Learn to use agile techniques and automae the entire software delivery system: build, deploy, test, release.
L;;Slide Deck: Introducing the Continuous Deployment concept with background about testing monitoring tools and culture requirements;;Eishay Smith;2010;;;Introducing the Continuous Deployment concept with background about testing, monitoring, tools and culture requirements.
L;;The Need for Continuous Deployment;;NA;2016;;;
L;;Why Continuous Deployment?;;Eric Ries;2009;;
LL;;Why Continuous Deployment?;;NA;;;

Continuous Deployment Best Practices

L;;Blue-Green Deployment - How to Achieve Zero Down-Time Deployment;;NA;2016;;;These days our customers expect their applications to be up and running all the time and literally experience no down-time at all ever. At the same time we should be able to add new features to the existing application or fix existing defects. Is that even possible? Yes, it is, but it is not for free. We have to make a certain effort to achieve what is called zero-downtime deployments.
L;;Elements of a Continuous Deployment Workflow and Strategies ;;Marko Anastasov;2016;;;Continuous deployment is an optimal recipe for high productivity in software companies. Read this article to explore what this type of workflow looks like.
L;;Continuous Deployment For Practical People;;Mike Mooney;2015;;
L;;Webinar Recap: Easy Continuous Deployment You Can Trust;;Bill McGee;2016;;
L;;Continuous deployment strategies;;NA;2014;;
L;;Continuous deployment strategies;;Ketan Padegaonkar;2015;;
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L;;Continuous Deployment: Strategies;;NA;NA;;;
L;;Discussion: How do you continuously deploy a large system consisting of several applications?;;NA;NA;;;

Continuous Deployment Tools

L;;ElectricFlow Deploy;;NA;NA;;;ElectricFlow is a unified DevOps Release Automation platform that supports the entire end-to-end software development and delivery process, and offers application release automation and Continuous Delivery orchestration.
L;;Serena Deployment Automation;;NA;NA;;;Bridge the DevOps divide by simplifying and automating deployments. Support continuous delivery and production deployments via deployment pipeline automation. 
L;;CODAR;;Codar;NA;;;A continuous deployment solution that provides automation and release management of complex multi-tier applications across the application lifecycle.
L;;Continuous Delivery with Codeship;;NA;NA;;;
L;;DeployBot - Push. Build. Deploy!;;NA;NA;;;
V;;A powerful application release and deployment automation tool. Built for DevOps teams and enterprise continuous delivery;;NA;NA;Midvision;RapidDeploy 

Relation Between Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment

L;;Practical continuous deployment - Integration vs. deployment vs. delivery;;Steve Smith;2014;;;At Atlassian, we're moving to a continuous delivery and deployment model for all of our business tools, which will allow us to get improvements out to our customers (both internal and external) faster. This post explains the considerations and methodologies behind the move.
L;;Are You Ready for Continuous Deployment? - Continuous Deployment vs. Continuous Delivery;;Chris Riley;2016;;;There is a large gap between the understanding of modern processes and technologies, and actually doing something with them. In the DevOps movement, many of the core functions have met wide adoption, such as orchestration, release automation, and analytics. But what have not been as widely adopted are the end-to-end processes of continuous delivery and deployment.
L;;How to Manage Releases in the Age of Continuous Deployment;;NA;2016;;;Although much of the release process at Jama currently requires a lot of human involvement and manual action, one of Jama's Engineering goals is to move closer to Continuous Delivery. In companies that are actually practicing Continuous Deployment, what role, if any, does Release Management play in their process?
L;;How Continuous Delivery  Deployment and Integration Work Together;;NA;2016;;;Most experts consider continuous delivery to be the umbrella approach that includes these continuous processes. Within the approach lay software tools for integration, deployment, build automation and configuration management.
L;;Continuous Delivery vs. Continuous Deployment;;Jez Humble;2010;;
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L;;Continuous Delivery vs Continuous Deployment vs Continuous Integration;;Michael Chletsos;2012;;
L;;Continuous Integration vs Continuous Delivery vs Continuous Deployment;;Ravi Verma;2016;;
L;;Understanding DevOps - Continuous Deployment vs Continuous Delivery;;Sanjeev Sharma;2013;;

Continuous Deployment Case Studies

L;;Continuous Deployment at Instagram;;Michael Gorven;2016;;;At Instagram, we deploy our backend code 30-50 times a day... whenever engineers commit changes to master... with no human involvement in most cases. This may sound crazy, especially at our scale, but it works really well. This post talks about how we implemented this system and got it working smoothly.
L;;What are the best examples of companies using continuous deployment ?;;NA;2014;;
L;;Sample implementation for continuous deployment with CoreOS Docker etcd nginx Confd and BDD Assistant Deployer;;NA;2014;;
L;;Slide Deck: Continuous Deployment at Etsy: A Tale of Two Approaches;;Ross Snyder;2013;;
L;;Continuous Deployment at IMVU: Doing the impossible fifty times a day --;;Timothy Fitz;2009;;
L;;Continuous deployment - a case study;;Thomas Sundberg;2015;;
L;;Continuous deployment instructions of USA Digital Government agency;;NA;NA;;
L;;Continuous Deployment at IMVU: Doing the impossible fifty times a day;;NA;;;

Continuous Deployment with Specific Tools and Environments

L;;Azure, Visual Studio Online - Continuous delivery to Azure using Visual Studio Online;;Kemp Brown;2015;;
L;;Go Agile to Slash Costs, Reduce Failure Rates and Speed Deployments;;NA;2016;;;
L;;Introduction to Environments and Deployments - GitLab;;NA;2016;;;
L;;SharePoint, VSTS - Continuous Deployment of SharePoint Apps with VSTS Release Management;;Michael Kaufmann;2016;;
L;;Continuous deployment to Azure web sites with release management;;Harris Boyce;2015;;
L;;Continuous Integration and Deployment with Docker, Jenkins and Selenium;;Steve Fox;2016;;
L;;Continuous Deployment with A10 Lightning Application Delivery Service;;NA;2016;;;
L;;Continous deployment with Mesos Marathon and Docker;;NA;NA;;
L;;Docker, Gradle, TeamCity - Docker meets Continuous Deployment;;Robert Firek;2016;;
L;;Freight - Continuous Deployment with Freight;;David Cramer;2015;;
L;;Azure App Service, Git - Continuous deployment using Git in Azure App Service;;Cephas Lin;2016;;
L;;Continuous Deployment of JavaScript applications;;Jacopo Daeli;2016;;
L;;Continuous Deployment With Helm, Deis Workflow, and Wercker;;NA;2016;;
L;;Set up push-based continuous deployment on Docker Swarm --;;NA;2016;;
L;;Cloud Disruption Continues with Continuous Deployment;;NA;2016;;;
L;;WSO2 App Cloud - How To Achieve Continuous Integration and Deployment with WSO2 App Cloud - Tutorial;;NA;2016;;
L;;Continuous deployment with CodeShip and Capistrano;;NA;NA;;
L;;Continuous deployment with CircleCI and Heroku;;NA;NA;;
L;;Continuous Deployment with Docker, AWS, and Ansible;;NA;;;

Vendors Offering Continuous Deployment Solutions

V;;A single DevOps platform that supports the entire end-to-end software development and delivery process;;NA;NA;Electric Cloud;ElectricFlow Deploy
V;;Continuous Deployment with TeamCity - official solution page;;NA;NA;JetBrains;TeamCity
V;;A Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment Platform for Cloud-Native Applications.;;NA;NA;;ZeroStack
V;;Supports Continuous Deployment for two main use cases: Blue-green production servers and production traffic copied to test servers.;;NA;NA;Appcito;CAFE
V;;Enables your team to roll-in revisions and gain feedback faster by automatically deploying a good version of your code to the desired server.;;NA;NA;Semaphore;NA
V;;SpeedCurve's Continuous Deployment dashboard helps you keep the development of your site on track with continuous feedback on your performance pipeline.;;NA;NA;SpeedCurve;NA
V;;Build and deploy feature that automates the continuous deployment of your projects.;;NA;NA;;IBM Bluemix DevOps Services;;
V;;A continuous deployment solution that provides automation and release management of complex multi-tier applications across the application lifecycle.;;NA;NA;;HP Codar
V;;The Shippable continuous deployment platform integrates teams and processes to streamline shipping of software.;;NA;2016;Shippable;NA;

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