Resources on metrics and KPIs that can be used to track and improve software releases.

Release Management Metrics

Perspectives on Release Management Metrics

L;;Agile Project Reporting and Metrics - Release Backlog and Planning;;Saji Pillai;NA;;;I have written this article to address an issue I've recently run across in my work: The PMO is finding it difficult to adjust to the Agile process, and this is affecting the reporting of the R&D team. Management is in the process of moving the ALM (application lifecycle management) process into more of traditional process to align with the PMO. I would like to suggest an alternative approach.

L;;Portfolio Management in the Age of Digital Enterprises;;Jim Highsmith;NA;;;As companies move to become a digital enterprise they are often faced with a serious disconnect between their desires, strategies and execution. Building a digital enterprise takes considerable time and money, as the business needs to build new high-impact customer facing applications while revamping old, legacy IT systems and architectures.

L;;Five Agile Metrics You Won't Hate;;NA;NA;;;How to use agile metrics to optimize your delivery? Learn about sprint burndown, epic and release burndown, velocity, control charts & the cumulative flow diagram.

L;;ITIL Service Desk Management Metrics: Change, Incident, Problem and Release Management;;NA;NA;;;Metrics should be established so that performance of the Service Desk can be evaluated at regular intervals. This is important to assess the health, maturity, efficiency, effectiveness and any opportunities to improve Service Desk operations.

L;;Agile Metrics that Translate into Real Results;;NA;2016;;;Next on the list in our extensive JavaScript Error Handling series we're going to examine the Invalid Left-Hand Assignment error in greater detail. The Invalid Left-Hand Assignment error is a s

L;;Enhancing IT Quality Metrics with Six Sigma;;NA;NA;;

L;;Video: Release management KPIs;;NA;NA;;

L;;Adopting Metrics Based Release Management Assist Cost Cutting;;NA;NA;;

L;;KPIs Release Management;;NA;NA;;;

L;;Release Management KPI;;NA;NA;;

L;;Tackling the KPI problem in Relation to Release Management;;NA;NA;;

General Checklists

L;;Key Performance Indicators of IT Service Management - Release and Deployment Management;;NA;NA;;;For the monitoring and control of processes and functions of IT Service Management according to ITIL® respective Key Performance Indicators are defined. They always have to address the Critical Success Factors and goals of the respective process.


L;;ElectricFlow - DevOps Release Automation;;NA;NA;;;Promote and track applications and environments in traditional and CD-style pipelines and releases. 

L;;Microsoft Visual Studio Quality dashboard (Agile and CMMI);;NA;NA;;;Obtain an overview of progress occurring in the test, development, and build areas as they relate to the quality of the software under development. 

V;;Displays iteration data in several formats, including pie charts, a general health summary, and an advanced burndown chart.;;NA;NA;;Rally Release Dashboard App


V;;Gathering data and information from the most common tools used in software development by projects and their communities.;;NA;NA;;Bitergia Software Development Analytics

V;;This tool should be used to monitor key performance indicators and report the success of your release and deployment management process to stakeholders.;;NA;NA;;Release and Deployment Management Metrics Tool

V;;Gives you a view across complex operational data and metrics from one interactive dashboard.;;NA;NA;;Tableau Software Development Analytics

V;;The actionable dashboard to manage software & systems development projects.;;NA;NA;;SQUORE


L;;Release Management Reporting Template - XYZ Medica;;NA;NA;;


L;;Sample Metrics For ITIL Processes;;NA;NA;;


L;;Software Metrics to Improve Release Management;;NA;NA;;

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