Resources on how to deploy software applications using Continuous Integration tools like Jenkins and TeamCity.

Deployment via Continuous Integration

Perspectives on Deployment via Continuous Integration Tools

L;;Using CI Tools for Deployment Automation and Continuous Delivery?;;NA;NA;;;CI and CD process use vastly varied semantics, they aim to achieve different objectives. They handle different units of work and the complexity of process are different too. So should you use one tool to do two things? Let's try it out. We will test driveGo (From ThoughtWorks), TeamCity (from JetBrains), Bamboo (From Atlassian), Jenkins (open source) and and see how do they fit in.
L;;Why You Should Use Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment;;Florian Motlik;NA;;;A great development workflow will make your good developers great, and your great developers exceptional. A bad workflow will take your best engineers productivity down to a junior level and make wish he worked elsewhere. We will take a close look at Continuous Integration and show you how to get started with testing. Then we will move on to Continuous Deployment which is the next logical step.
L;;What is the best continuous integration & deployment server?;;NA;NA;;
L;;Continuous Delivery vs Continuous Deployment vs Continuous Integration;;Michael Chletsos;NA;;
L;;Continuous Integration and Deployment - a quick overview of Continuous Integration and its current usage;;Martin Fowler;NA;;
L;;What is the best technology stack for continuous integration and deployment on open source projects?;;NA;NA;;
L;;Continuous Integration and Deployment at GrabCAD - Interview with Amos Benninga;;Manuel Weiss;NA;;

Deployment with Jenkins

L;;Automation of WAR/EAR deployment using Jenkins;;NA;NA;;
L;;Continuous Delivery and Deployment Using Build Pipelines with Jenkins and Ant;;NA;NA;;
L;;Automated Rails Deployments with Jenkins and Capistrano;;Ryan Eschinger;NA;;

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Deployment with TeamCity

L;;Continuous Deployment and Delivery with TeamCity;;NA;NA;;
L;;Using MSBuild and Team City for Deployments - Continuous Integration Build and Verify;;NA;NA;;
L;;Automated Deployments with TeamCity, Deployment Projects & SVN;;Douglas Rathbone;NA;;
L;;Continuous Deployment for ASP.NET using Git, MSBuild, MSDeploy, and TeamCity;;NA;NA;;
L;;Run Web Application Deployment in TeamCity - Only on Weekdays;;NA;2016;;;
L;;Continuous Integration and Deployment for Everybody — TeamCity;;NA;NA;;
L;;Continuous Integration and Deployment with Octopus Deploy and TeamCity;;Paul Stovell;NA;;
L;;Improved continuous deployment using Ansible, Docker, SQS and TeamCity;;NA;NA;;
L;;TeamCity Deployer Plugin;;NA;NA;;
L;;Xamarin Continuous Integration Using TeamCity and FAKE, including Automated build, deployment, and testing;;NA;NA;;
L;;You're deploying it wrong! TeamCity, Subversion & Web Deploy part 5: Web Deploy with TeamCity;;Troy Hunt;NA;;

Deployment with Travis CI

L;;Travis-CI Dpl - a deploy tool made for continuous deployment;;NA;NA;;
L;;Effortless Continuous Integration and Deployment with Node.js, Travis CI & Capistrano;;NA;NA;;
L;;Continuous Deployment with Travis;;NA;NA;;
L;;Continuous Integration and Deployment with Travis CI;;NA;NA;;
L;;Continuous Deployment with Travis CI and HockeyApp;;Pouria Almassi;NA;;
L;;Continuous Integration and Deployment That Just Works - Getting started with Travis CI;;NA;NA;;
L;;Using deployment hooks with Envoyer and Travis CI;;NA;NA;;

Deployment with CircleCI

L;;Continuous Integration and Deployment with CircleCI;;NA;NA;;

Deployment with Semaphore

L;;Why We Need Continuous Integration and How it Affects Writing, Testing, Deploying and Delivering Software to End Users;;;;
L;;Elements of a Continuous Deployment Workflow and its Relation to Continuous Integration;;;;
L;;A Ruby on Rails Continuous Integration process using Github, Semaphore, CodeClimate and HipChat;;;
L;;Automated Continuous Integration Setup for Graceful and Zero-Downtime Node App Deployment using GitHub, PM2, Digital Ocean, and SemaphoreCI;;;;
L;;How to deploy a Meteor app to Galaxy using Semaphore CI;;;;

Specific Environments

L;;Setting up Continuous Deployment In the GovCloud Environment;;NA;2016;;;
L;;Windows - Continuous Integration and Deployment service for Windows developers;;NA;NA;;
L;;Python - Why is continuous integration important for deployment?;;Matt Makai;NA;;
L;;Azure - Continuous deployment using GIT in Azure App Service;;Cephas Lin;NA;;

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Specific Technologies

L;;Codeship - Why You Should Use Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment with Codeship;;NA;NA;;
L;;RightScale - Continuous Integration, Deployment and Delivery in the Cloud - How RightScale Does It;;Tim Miller;NA;;
L;;Codeship - Envoyer - CI testing a Laravel 5 application and triggering deployment with Codeship;;NA;NA;;
L;; Deployment Automation and integrations With Assertible;;NA;2016;;;One of the most important parts of testing is knowing when there is a failure. If a critical web service is down, has a slow response time, or fails any other assertions, you can set up automation and
L;;Redgate - Continuous integration and Automated Deployment using Redgate tools;;NA;NA;;
L;;Buildkite - Automation and collaboration tools for Continuous Integration and Deployment for shipping software;;NA;NA;;
L;;Solano CI - Continuous Integration and Deployment with Solano Labs;;NA;NA;;
L;;Team Foundation Server - Continuous integration and deployment with SQL Server Data Tools and Team Foundation Server;;Rיgis Baccaro;NA;;

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