AI, DevOps, and Employment Law: Thinking Ahead

Last summer, Electric Cloud announced ElectricFlow DevOps Foresight, which, among other things, uses machine learning to help organizations weigh the value in a release (re: Jira User Stories) against a “release risk score,” based on Developer and Team Contribution.  This data can be used to assess the strengths and weaknesses...

Loving Your Pipeline’s Middle Child: 60X Test Acceleration

You’ve tuned ElectricAccelerator for maximum performance by having enough agents and using JobCache. Builds are happening at a fraction of the time on fewer resources.  Everyone’s happy with time to market, right? Well, maybe not. There’s that middle child of your pipeline: the QA cycle.  Hundreds to thousands of tests that...

More Speed with ElectricAccelerator – Part 2

More Speed, Part 2: Less Building, More Caching Formula One and Sports Prototype racers have KERS (kinetic energy recovery systems) for capturing a race car's kinetic energy under braking to apply a burst of power at the push of button. They don't have expend additional fuel to go faster -...

More Speed with ElectricAccelerator – Part 1

Are your ElectricAccelerator builds fast enough? You’ve been happily using ElectricAccelerator to shorten your build and CI cycle times for quite a while now.  Your users merrily throw more and more builds at it and the business is pleased to see more and faster releases.  Yet, for some reason, builds are starting...

ElectricFlow 8.5 – Webinar Recap

Last month, we released ElectricFlow 8.5. In our recent 8.5 Release Webinar, Sam Fell and Hans Ashlock had a fun discussion around some of the key features that ship with 8.5. They also talked about some other cool stuff we've got going on here at Electric Cloud that's helping organizations...

Doing Cloud Right: Takeaways from Our Recent Jez Humble Webinar

Last month, we hosted our "Doing Cloud Right Webinar" with Jez Humble (DORA CTO, Author) and Anders Wallgren (Electric Cloud CTO). In the webinar, Jez and Anders discuss some of the most striking findings of the recent 2018 Accelerate State of DevOps Report (ASODR), including the fact that organizations that "do...

DevSecOps In Vegas!

Hands-On: A Great Way to End #DOES18 This year's DevOps Enterprise Summit in Vegas was awesome! It's amazing to see the conference grow each year. This year was no exception, with about 2000 attendees. Gene Kim opened the event with a definition of DevOps (taken from Johnathan Smart, Barclays): “Better...

Full Immersion at DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018

An event that started off as an Electric Cloud customer conference back in 2013, DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES) has blossomed into the premier annual DevOps gala. Bringing together over 2,000 attendees, including some of the brightest minds in DevOps, this event is a veritable cornucopia of information and best practices...

DOES Day 2: A Random Walk

More Community, Please Day 2 of DevOps Enterprise Summit wrapped up yesterday and here are some random musings and observations, along with a few photos of customer presentations: Metrics Matter On Monday, our CTO, Anders Wallgren, spoke to a standing, sitting on the floor, line out the door-room only session...


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