Adding Agility and Quality to Android Devices

Earlier this year we announced our partnership with Wind River, an Intel subsidiary. Our joint solution handles a very relevant and hot topic in the mobile space. Solving quality and time to market crisis that Android device manufactures are experiencing. We are excited to present an upcoming joint session where experts in the area will present the solution in detail. Here is an excerpt from the session. Register early to make sure you book a seat.

androidFrom 20 million devices in 2009 to over a billion in 2012, the proliferation of Android has created an exploding marketplace for Android device manufacturers. Newer Android operating systems are being released at a rapid pace, and the delivery of devices is still gated by how quickly device makers can build, test, and release their software for each new version of Android. For business, this rush to release can have a number of negative effects—slow time-to-market, poor quality of products, low productivity of development teams, and a lack of visibility across the entire delivery process. With an average Android development cycle of about four months, time-to-market determines the winner in this marketplace. Join this web seminar to hear the integrated Android solution from Electric Cloud and Wind River® that accelerates your time-to-market by simplifying and automating the entire product development life cycle from design through testing to compliance validation

Wind River and Electric Cloud Present Lifecycle Solution for Android

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 How to reduce your Android development time using parallel builds and pre-defined best-practice processes
 How to cut test cycle time using pre-built Android test content
 How to shave as much as 15–20 off the cost of building an Android-based device
Prathap Dendi

Prathap Dendi

Prathap is GM for, and VP Business Development for Electric Cloud. He drives strategic partnerships that help us deliver broader solutions to our customers. Electric Cloud has forged strategic partnerships with companies providing industry-leading tools and services in order to deliver software production automation to our customers. Suggestions/questions? Drop me a note or follow me at pDendi on twitter for updates.
Prathap Dendi

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