12 Days of Christmas Wrap-Up

Over the past few weeks, we tweeted the 12 Days of Christmas: Electric Cloud Edition. In case you missed it, here’s the recap with a little more information than the 140 characters would allow.

♫ On the twelfth day of Christmas, Electric Cloud gave to me: Twelve Times Faster Builds

ElectricAccelerator’s dependency management system allows greater scalability than previous attempts at parallel builds, delivering improvements of up to 20x over a sequential build, with no changes to existing build scripts or tools.

♫ On the eleventh day of Christmas, Electric Cloud gave to me: Eleven Error-Free Deployments

Run safe, fail safe, and code safe features allow for much more robust and reliable deployments.

♫ On the tenth day of Christmas, Electric Cloud gave to me: Ten Years of Innovation ♫

This last May we celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the founding of Electric Cloud.

♫ On the ninth day of Christmas, Electric Cloud gave to me: Nine(ty) Percent Fewer Broken Builds

Using Electric Cloud’s ElectricCommander, BioWare has reduced time-wasting broken builds by more than 90 percent and sped its tests by 75 percent to enable an agile development process.

♫ On the eighth day of Christmas, Electric Cloud gave to me: Eight Cores Utilized ♫

ElectricAccelerator Developer Edition allows a software developer to run builds on their own machine, and parallelize that build across multiple cores on the same machine, to produce faster, accurate builds without needing as many compute resources.

♫ On the seventh day of Christmas, Electric Cloud gave to me: Seven Fewer Days Time to Market

ElectricCommander improves software application quality and improves time-to-market by streamlining the development and delivery process workflows and simplifying the developer’s continuous integration process.

With ElectricAccelerator, teams have literally shaved days or weeks from development cycles with faster builds.

♫ On the sixth day of Christmas, Electric Cloud gave to me: Six More Daily Builds

Electric Cloud has proven, patented technology that all but eliminates broken builds and reduces build times by as much as 20X. With faster builds, you can spend less time waiting, and more time building.

♫ On the fifth day of Christmas, Electric Cloud gave to me: Five Customer Summits ♫

5 years ago we held our first customer summit, and to say that it has grown since then is an understatement.

♫ On the fourth day of Christmas, Electric Cloud gave to me: 4.2 Release of ElectricCommander

ElectricCommander 4.2 brings new functionality to improve software development team productivity and reduce time to market. Among these new features are a redesigned resources page, centralized agent installs and updates, an enhanced security model for agents, as well as many more improvements.

♫ On the third day of Christmas, Electric Cloud gave to me: three product lines

The Electric Cloud portfolio automates and accelerates agile development and delivery processes using physical, virtual, or cloud resources. Electric Cloud’s accomplishes this with its three products – ElectricDeploy, ElectricCommander, and ElectricAccelerator.

♫ On the second day of Christmas, Electric Cloud gave to me: two concurrent steps for free ♫

With ElectricCommander 4.2, customers can now easily install Commander for development-level purposes in authoring procedures, workflows, and so on. With the latest release, you get 2 concurrent steps for the price of one. Happy Holidays!

♫ On the first day of Christmas, Electric Cloud gave to me: software development sanity ♫

The company’s award-winning products can help your organization speed time to market, boost your productivity, and improve software quality while leveraging the operational efficiencies provided by virtualized/cloud infrastructures. Less stress, better quality, and here’s to achieving software development sanity in the new year!

Rob Martins

Rob is the Marketing Coordinator at Electric Cloud. He manages the company's social media, trade shows, seminars, and all in-person events. He holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

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