Financial Services Software and Continuous Delivery: An Industry takes the Lead

finservMuch of the talk around advanced software development and deployment centers on the hot and mighty web-companies, like Amazon, Google and Facebook. Sure enough, these organizations are driving business value and growth through frequent and mindful releases of software. They practice Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery like nobody’s business.

However, hot and high-flying web companies and start-ups aren’t the only ones making headway with scaling Agile and moving to DevOps and Continuous Delivery.  Many industries, from agriculture and automotive to healthcare and education, are increasingly satisfying customer needs and gaining market share through the timely delivery of quality software.

A big industry that has traditionally been conservative and slow moving (and rightfully so with so many regulations and compliance standards in place!) is our friends in Financial Services. I am pleased to say that Electric Cloud is working closely with some of the largest financial institutions in the world, and the work they are doing around Continuous Delivery is impressive!

With that said, it is my pleasure to head off to New York this week for the “Continuous Delivery Executive Roundtable for Financial Services,” an invite-only event featuring some of the brightest and most passionate software executives anywhere.  In addition to Continuous Delivery industry driver and author Jez Humble (now VP at Chef) , I will be joined by James RobinsonRRE Ventures co-founder and former AMEX CEOJames DeLuccia from Ernst & Young, and our friends from E*Trade and McGraw Hill. This half-day event will look at the practical challenges financial services companies face when building and deploying great software. Important stuff, like audit and compliance will be discussed, and best ideas will be shared on cutting edge topics around mobile, cloud and Big Data.

Some of the unique themes and challenges that we will discuss in NYC centers on the role of automation in keeping current with audit and compliance requirements. Perhaps no other industry, outside of healthcare, has as many layers of compliance as financial services. In fact, coming in 2015 are a new set of regulations that will impact IT. I can’t wait to hear our speakers and panel members share ideas and approaches for managing continuous change through Continuous Delivery!

It’s great to see software innovation reaching into virtually every industry under the sun, and equally satisfying to see the financial services industry take a leadership role in advancing modern software delivery.

I’ll be sure to follow up with highlights from the event.

If you are an IT/software executive in the financial services industry in the NYC area, and would like information about the event, (and how to get an invitation) please let me know!

Steve Brodie

Steve Brodie

Steve Brodie is the Chief Executive Officer at Electric Cloud. He has over 25 years of experience as a leader in the enterprise software industry, introducing new technologies to the market for both venture-backed startups and leading enterprise IT organizations. Prior to joining Electric Cloud, Steve was Group Vice President and General Manager of the Application Lifecycle Management Business Unit at Serena Software, where he spearheaded the Orchestrated ALM strategy as well as the company's entry and growth in release management, a cornerstone technology for DevOps. Steve holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computer and systems engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and is a graduate of the executive management program at the University of Washington.
Steve Brodie

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