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For many of us, the syntax of Make files can be difficult to work with at times. CMake is a popular open-source build tool that simplifies the generation of Make files. It is used to generate compiler-specific build files on a given platform. CMake doesn’t perform the build itself; instead it dynamically generates build files prior to the user or system invoking a platform-specific compiler – such as Make or Microsoft Visual Studio – to run the build.

While CMake makes the process of generating makefiles more elegant, due to the nature of Make-based builds, these builds are often still slower to run.

But, you do not have to settle for Slow:

For those of you out there using CMake, I’ve recently created a simple step-by-step tutorial for accelerating CMake builds for free – with ElectricAccelerator Huddle.

How much acceleration, you ask?

Well – with a simple test of compiling MySQL – and using just 2 machines for build parallelization – I’ve managed to accelerate the build from 16 minutes down to 3:28 minutes – a 4.6x speedup!  

Want to do the same? Check out the tutorial to easily speed up your CMake build times – for free.

Got any questions, or want to share your own results after using Huddle? let me know in the Comments section.

Robert Tadlock

Robert Tadlock

Robert is a Professional Services Engineer at Electric Cloud.When he's not working with Electric Cloud customers, he enjoys skiing, hiking, craft beer, and anything with two wheels.
Robert Tadlock

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