Go with the Flow: DevOps Insights

How is your release coming along? How is your pipeline doing?
Now there’s an easy way to find out!

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. How do you make DevOps measurement less painful? How can you make data analysis simpler, and insights more immediate?

Introducing: DevOps Insights

DevOps Insights dashboards in ElectricFlow provide instant visibility into the metrics across your entire delivery pipeline.

Watch the short demo video:

  • Automatically pull data from all your point-tools, DevOps processes and environments
    By extending ElectricFlow’s existing catalog of off-the-shelf plugins, DevOps Insight is able to pull key metrics from any tools being orchestrated as part of the end-to-end delivery process—from user story tracking (i.e JIRA), CI (Jenkins) to test automation and operations. An SDK is also provided, allowing teams to easily extend the solution to capture custom metrics from new tools.
  • Built-in dashboards provide at-a-glance understanding of the health of your releases
    The Release Command Center provides deeper top-down insight into your Release, with centralized view of all activities and processes 
  • Create your own reports and easily drill-down to the metrics that matter to you
    You can modify or create custom dashboards and widgets to visualize your data.

See it for yourself!

DevOps Insights is included in ElectricFlow version 8.0, and is also available in the free Community Edition. If you are using an older version of ElectricFlow, you can download the most recent one, below.

  • Explore the built-in dashboards in ElectricFlow Community Edition – just click on the icon at the top of the application to open DevOps Insights.
  • Learn more about this feature in the Product Documentation.
ElectricFlow - The most advanced DevOps Release Automation solution

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Learn more about ElectricFlow

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about DevOps Insights in ElectricFlow.

Avantika Mathur

Avantika Mathur

Avantika (Avan) Mathur is the product manager for ElectricFlow. She helps large enterprises across #Finserv, Retail, Embedded accelerate their #DevOps adoption, design complex automation solutions & optimize delivery pipelines. Avan holds a degree in Computer science. Previously, she was the Global Technical Account Manager for large customers at Electric Cloud. Prior to working at Electric Cloud, Avan worked as a software engineer at IBM for five years doing Linux kernel development.
Avantika Mathur

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